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Legendary Gifts for Mythology Lovers

Do your kiddos get as obsessive about mythologies and rich backstories as mine do? I’m sure that’s why they’re also such big fans of stories like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter! Nothing beats the combination of history, astronomy, and mythology, however, like the ancient myths. Greek, Roman, Norse, Celtic… there are mythologies from all around the world that can’t help but hold our attention with their intrigue and characters. If you’ve got a mythology lover in your life, you’ll definitely want to peruse this post and find something special just for them. Direct from the treasure room of Valhalla, enjoy these great mythology gifts for your kiddos, your friends, or yourself! 

 mythology gifts



Mythology Books

If you’ve got a mythology lover, odds are that you’ve already got a few books on hand. These are classics or twists, something to treasure or introduce new rabbit trails! The D’Aulaires books are golden standards when it comes to mythology, and the D’Aulaires’ Book of Norse Myths is a wonderful addition for anyone who wants to expand beyond the typical Greek myths. Myth-loving kiddos are sure to love this Percy Jackson book set, and younger enthusiasts or those new to the study can get plenty of enjoyment from the Classical Mythology A to Z book that organizes the who, what, and where. My kiddos love Brick Greek Myths, which reads like a comic book and has the added bonus of featuring everyone’s favorite building bricks! Tales of Japan and Celtic Tales both explore the world of ancient mythologies that are brand-new to most people, offering the chance to open up entirely new worlds.






Mythology Games

If your bookshelves are already sagging under the weight of too many books and you’re on the lookout for mythology gifts that can be enjoyed over and over, look no further than these games! Zeus on the Loose, Fight for Olympus, and Top Trump Greek Myths all incorporate famous myths into game play, providing a chance to either learn more or show off your knowledge. The influence of mythology still persists when we look up to name the stars, so this Constellations: The Game of the Night Sky addition is a great choice when searching for mythology gifts that haven’t already been given. Hit or Myth is easy and fun to play, travel-friendly, and should score bonus points for the clever title, while Greek Myths and Mazes promises focused fun for one!







Mythology Gifts

Mythology gifts don’t all have to be educational – some are just fun! This Camp Half-Blood hoodie is perfect for the Percy Jackson fan, and this whimsical cyclops skull makes for a great conversation piece, gag gift, prop, or decoration! The craftsmanship on these Greek mythology blocks is just stunning, offering hours of open-ended enjoyment. A Viking rune compass leather bracelet is an easy and attractive gift for the Mjolnir-welding person in your life, while this Greek gods chess set offers a hint of history and refinement to an already classic game. And for anyone raising kiddos like ours who obsess over something so cool as mythology, this Medusa coffee mug is pretty much perfect for a Monday morning. 





Mythology is such a fascinating topic, especially when expanded to include the mythologies of multiple times and regions. There is so much to learn and so much whimsy to keep us interested, with beautiful histories and “human” characters, gods with flaws as real as our own. If you know someone who would love to adopt Cerberus or slay a gorgon someday, I’m sure you found plenty of great mythology gifts to choose from. Just be sure not to wrap them in Pandora’s box!