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Homeschool Curriculum for Your Asynchronous Gifted Learner

Homeschooling an asynchronous gifted learner is quite an adventure! Teaching your asynchronous gifted child can be a real challenge too. Sometimes these kiddos can be on multiple grade levels at once and their preferred learning style can change too. 

So how do you choose the right homeschool curriculum for a gifted asynchronous learner? I’ve learned a few tips and tricks over the years to make homeschooling an asynchronous kiddo a whole lot of fun. Keep reading to get my favorite tips for choosing curriculum and the scoop on some great resources for homeschooling your asynchronous gifted learner this year too.


Homeschool Curriculum for Your Asynchronous Gifted Learner


The Struggle Of An Asynchronous Learner

Sometimes having an asynchronous learner leads to amazing adventures. Sometimes it can be a real struggle. Asynchronous learners can be on multiple grade levels at once, making traditional curricula and lesson plans a bad fit. 

You might have a 9-year-old with a high school reading level who’s still mastering the art of writing an essay. It can be really challenging to teach a child who needs to be challenged at a high level in one subject and still needs lots of help in another area. 

Finding group activities and projects for asynchronous learners is another challenge. Their emotional and social skills don’t always match their academic level. How can you challenge them and help them build relationships and develop appropriate social skills too? 

We have been homeschooling our own asynchronous learner for years now and it has been quite the ride! Over the years, I’ve collected some resources and tips for choosing the right curriculum for asynchronous learners and I’m excited to share them with you.


Homeschool Curriculum for Your Asynchronous Gifted Learner


Tips for Choosing A Homeschool Curriculum For Your Asynchronous Gifted Learner

There are some steps you can take to make sure you’re choosing the right homeschool curriculum for your asynchronous learner. Here’s what I do to decide if a new curriculum will work for us:

Choose Curriculum for Multiple Ages

Pick a curriculum program that gives you access to more than one grade level at a time or is organized to work for multiple ages. These types of programs aren’t just great for moms of many, they’re fantastic for asynchronous learners. With a curriculum for multiple ages, you’ll be able to choose activities that match your child’s level no matter what level they need.

Go for Multisensory

Choosing a multisensory curriculum will give you some great options! These programs and lesson plans include options for visual learners, auditory learners, and kinesthetic learners. Having access to a wide variety of activities and lessons for different style learners makes it easy to find one that works for you.

Don’t Worry

Most of all, don’t worry. Asynchronous learners tend to even out over time. Just because your child is on a different level in math and science this year, doesn’t mean she will always be. The subject they struggle with right now might be the one they really excel at in a few years. 


Homeschool Curriculum for Your Asynchronous Gifted Learner


Resources For Homeschooling Asynchronous Gifted Learners

If you need resources for homeschooling your asynchronous learners, I’ve got the list for you! Check out some of our favorite resources to help you provide exactly what you need for your asynchronous homeschoolers:

Interest-Led Options

Interest-led curriculum is one of my go-tos for homeschooling an asynchronous learner. These options and lessons focus on subjects your homeschooler is passionate about. It’s a great way to satiate their curiosity, dive deep into their passions, and learn on their unique level. 

Check out my Wizards & Wands complete curriculum for a multi-level and multisensory option for your asynchronous homeschoolers. It’s perfect for kids who are passionate about magic, mythology, and Harry Potter.

Unit Studies 

We have discovered that unit studies are a fantastic way to combine different levels and learning styles. You can easily pull in activities, books, and experiments from many different subject areas. Plus, it’s easy to theme a unit study to match your asynchronous learner’s unique interests. Check out a few of our favorites:

A Survival Unit Study adventure with Bear Grylls that combines language arts, science, history, and more. It’s the perfect way to engage asynchronous learners that love the great outdoors.

A Space Unit Study for kids interested in astronomy and the solar system can be the perfect lesson plan for kids who are interested in stars, planets, astronauts, and telescopes. Plus, there are lots of different opportunities for every subject and discipline. 

Explore the Human Body Unit Study with your asynchronous learner who dreams of being a doctor. It’s a great way to learn all about the systems in the human body and the history of anatomy too.

Who Was? Unit Studies give asynchronous learners a chance to explore and learn about important historical figures like Anne Frank, the Wright Brothers, and Edwin Binney. There are so many awesome and important people to learn about and explore in these unit studies.



Homeschool Curriculum for Your Asynchronous Gifted Learner


A Note From Colleen

I absolutely adore Jessica and her sweet daughter. She is a friend, to be sure. She is also offers engaging and powerful curriculum choices at The Waldock Way. I encourage you to take a peek at all she has to offer. Her products are designed with her own gifted kiddo in mind!