Homeschooling with Netflix 45 Nature Documentaries for Nature Study at Home

Homeschooling with Netflix | Nature Study

It’s no secret that we love Netflix, and use it to supplement our kids’ learning often. We use it to help teach character, early learning skills, and for fun. Some of my favorite things to stream, though, are nature documentaries.

Homeschooling with Netflix 45 Nature Documentaries for Nature Study at Home


Nature documentaries give us a chance to do nature study from home when the weather’s bad, or we want to learn about animals that aren’t native to Ohio. To keep track of what the kids learn while watching nature on Netflix, I go through the member section of and print the great open-ended pages that they offer.

Are you looking to add some nature documentaries to your homeschool? Here are 45 titles worth checking out (note: I’ve collected as many nature documentaries as I could find in order to curate a comprehensive list, but you need to use your own judgment as to which are appropriate for your own family):

  1. Nature’s Great Events
  2. Nature’s Weirdest Events
  3. Nature’s Great Events: Diaries
  4. Ireland’s Wild River
  5. The Gathering Swarms
  6. Animal Odd Couples
  7. Love in the Animal Kingdom
  8. Meet the Coy-Wolf
  9. The Mystery of Eels
  10. Parrot Confidential
  11. The Private Life of Deer
  12. Snow Monkeys
  13. Honey Badgers
  14. Saving Otter 501
  15. Leave it to Beavers
  16. Touching the Wild: Living with the Mule Deer of Deadman Gulch
  17. Planet Earth: The Complete Collection
  18. Earth: Power of the Planet
  19. Schoolhouse Rock!: Earth
  20. 72 Dangerous Animals: Australia
  21. Life
  22. David Attenborough: Wildlife Specials
  23. The Life of Mammals
  24. Animal Superpowers
  25. The Blue Planet: A Natural History of the Oceans
  26. Lions: Spy in the Den
  27. Tiger: Spy in the Jungle
  28. Untamed Americas
  29. Hidden Kingdoms
  30. My Animal Friends
  31. Built for the Kill
  32. Wildest Africa
  33. Life Stories
  34. Wildest Indochina
  35. Wildest Islands
  36. Titanoboa: Monster Snake
  37. Ocean Giants
  38. National Geographic: Amazing Planet
  39. Bears: Spy in the Woods
  40. Secret Life of Predators
  41. Widest India
  42. Elephants: Spy in the Herd
  43. Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice
  44. How to Grow a Planet
  45. Moving Art: Flowers

Did I miss any that you know and love? Tell me about your homeschooling with Netflix. Do you stream shows in your homeschool? What is your favorite ways to use streaming video to enhance learning?


Homeschooling with Netflix 45 Nature Documentaries for Nature Study at Home

I am a member of the #StreamTeam, which means that I was provided a Netflix subscription in exchange for writing about the ways we use it in our home and homeschool. All opinions are mine, though, and actually, we’ve used Netflix in our homeschool since the beginning. I love it, and had been a subscriber for years before joining the team. It’s fun to have a reason to share about these great resources now…