Do you have a fledgling reader in your midst?

Learning with LeapFrog | Word Whammer Review

Do you have a fledgling reader in your midst? I’m homeschooling a toddler and Kindergartener this year, and while I’m a believer in not pushing new readers too quickly, I do believe in exposing them to the written language through toys that teach letter sounds and beginning reading skills.

The LeapFrog Word Whammer does that.

Learning with LeapFrog Word Whammer Review


What is the Word Whammer?

The LeapFrog Word Whammer is a clever handheld device that INSERT BULLETED SPECS

When pulled it out of the box for the first time, I wasn’t sure how it would be able to hold the kids’ attention because, compared to the other electronic toys they have, it looked a little simple.

I was wrong.


What the Kids Thought of the LeapFrog Word Whammer

All of them – from the toddler to the middle schooler – were enthralled. They sat next to each other on the couch competing for high scores. Which was adorably funny…

Until it wasn’t anymore…

After I’d calmed some tears, set the oldest to practice his flute, and the 8 year old off to play with the toddler, I let my Kindergartener have it to play with as part of her reading and phonics lesson that day.

Learning with LeapFrog Word Whammer Review


She enjoyed having it to herself. But, more importantly, she was playing without even realizing that she was learning. It was a fun game to her, but it required her to successfully isolate and identify sounds.


She says, “it’s the coolest thing ever!”


What I Thought About the LeapFrog Word Whammer

After the kids played and explored a bit, I looked the LeapFrog Word Whammer over, and I could see why they enjoyed it.

The Word Whammer has fast-paced games like they enjoy, and fun graphics. The learning is enjoyable. It comes with three action-packed games, and has five learning levels that adapt as Logan improves.

It’s fun to jam, twist, and turn the handles while identifying letters and building words.

You can pick up the LeapFrog Word Whammer at most local retailers or – if you’re like me and have too many kids and too little time – you can use the miracle that is two-day shipping and order it from Amazon.

Learning with LeapFrog Word Whammer Review

I’m thrilled to be a LeapFrog Mom Squad Ambassador, and have the chance to share new LeapFrog learning products with you throughout the year. I was provided with this product to try out, but will only ever share the ones we love and recommend – LeapFrog products have taken up residence in our home since our oldest was teeny tiny because we’ve always adored them.