Minecraft Challenge Calendar for February

How is it February already? Have you started feeling like you’re ready for the winter to end? Do you feel like taking a homeschool break already? The February “doldrums” set in around here mid-month usually, and I just want to give up.


February Minecraft Calendar - Free Download-Ready for a FREE printable Minecraft Challenge Calendar for February to keep your kids (and you) from getting the February doldrums? Download yours now...


The February Minecraft Challenge Calendar is perfect for curing those winter blues and giving yourself a break from coming up with something to keep the kids busy — and educated — during the time of the year when it’s harder than ever to get outside.

The plan was to post these at the end of each month so you’re ready to go on the first of the new month, but I’m a little late on this one. I’ll get March’s up during the last week of February so you’re ready to go.

The calendars are perpetual, meaning that your kiddos can use them year after year because they’re not tied to specific days of the week. Some building challenges are tough, some are super easy, but I hope that all of them will spark a little creativity in your kids.

And will win you some cool parent points…

Want a copy for your family? It’s easy… Click on the download link below and put your email address into the form that pops up. Once you finish, you’ll come right back here to this post so you can check out some more fun Minecraft, STEM, or techy ideas for your kiddos, and the Minecraft Challenge Calendar will cozy up and wait for you in your inbox.



Download the Minecraft Challenge Calendar, print it out, laminate it like I did, and hang it up near your computer. Your kiddos will be ready to finish all their homeschool work and chores so they can get to their challenges. And you’ll have a super simple way to beat the February doldrums.

Parenting Win.


 February Minecraft Calendar - Free Download


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