An Old-Fashioned SUmmer with Jack's Pizza and Nestle Drumsticks #shop #SummerGoodies

Planning an Old-Fashioned Summer

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I’ve mentioned before that we’re working on simplifying things here in the Kessler household. This summer, we’re looking forward to pulling back from the rat race, and reestablishing some good old-fashioned traditions with easy fun and great summertime food.



An Old Fashioned Summer with Summertime Food Jacks Pizza #shop #NewFavorites



Family fun doesn’t have to be expensive or overwhelming to create. There’s a reason that Americana – things like flags, parades, baseball games on sultry evenings, grilling outside, and squirt gun fights – brings about a nostalgic feeling. Times were simpler, and family was the most important thing about being home in the summer.






I remember running around outside in bare feet for hours, until I would run home after hearing my mom or dad calling me for dinner. When I’d get there, inevitably we’d be eating outside on a picnic table that sat on our back patio. Dad would have grilled chicken or hotdogs, and Mom would have bought ice cream and cones.

Summertime food was as important as the play. Easy to cook, preferably able to be grilled outside, and some cold icy treat for dessert {and to make those drippy tracks down little arms and fingers}.

Until now, though, I’d never thought of grilling pizza for a fun twist on grilled foods. Have you? I was inspired by #CollectiveBias and by this great video from Jack’s Pizza, so we decided to throw our pizza on the grill the other day since we’re enjoying a taste of what summer weather might {eventually} be like.



Jacks Pizza #shop #SummerGoodies



Yum! Paired with the new Nestle Drumstick Crunch Dipped Cones we picked up, grilled pizza becomes my new go-to summertime food. Seriously, how easy is this – stock up on delicious Jack’s Pizza, made with 100% Real Wisconsin Cheese, and pull one out after a long day of sprinkler fun.



Sprinkler Fun



I found both #summergoodies – the Jack’s Pizza and the {really good} new Nestle Drumstick Crunch Dipped Cones – in the frozen foods aisle of Walmart. Next time you head there, fill your cart with this affordable go-to summer option.



Pizza and Drumsticks at Walmart #shop #SummerGoodies



Eat outside, gobble down some drippy Drumstick cones, and throw all the kids in the bath when they’re done. Or just hose them off – that’s what my parents used to do with us. For some more summertime food ideas, head over to Nestle’s Flavorful Moments site.

And, as you’re planning your own simple family summer, don’t forget about my free printable kid-friendly Summer Bucket List from last year. Print it out and put it on your refrigerator, then cross things off one by one as you play with your kids this summer.


Pizza and Drumsticks at Walmart #shop #SummerGoodies


Better yet, sit down with your kids and create your own bucket list full of inexpensive – and simple – family fun. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Go to a parade.
  • Run through the sprinklers.
  • Have a water balloon fight.
  • Go camping.
  • Skip rocks on a pond.
  • Catch tadpoles.
  • Put lightning bugs {fireflies} in a mason jar.
  • Go for a hike.
  • Watch hot air balloons.
  • Sit by the railroad tracks and watch the trains go by.

Above all, remember that summer is about lazy days, no agenda, and family. Love your kids – and enjoy them.