Play All Day With Elmo

I love surprising my little ones with fun opportunities to play with their friends, so I was thrilled to participate in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Hasbro and Playskool. I received product samples and a party stipend to facilitate my review, and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

Play All Day with Elmo #PlayAllDayElmo #IC


Since Isaac is usually the one who gets dragged to his big siblings’ events and get-togethers, it was fun to be able to focus on him for a change. He is a HUGE fan of Elmo, so the new Play All Day Elmo is the perfect toy for him.

Check it out:

  • He features over 150 responses and eight games and activities.
  • There are two fabulously fun modes:
  • Toddler mode has cause and effect play – kids can kiss Elmo’s nose or tickle his tummy to see what he does.
  • Preschool mode takes play to the next level with games and activities like pat-a-cake, freeze dance, and Elmo says.
  • It’s super easy to switch modes with the little switch on Elmo’s head under a velcro strip.

My favorite feature is nap mode, though. Elmo is ready to snuggle in and cuddle with some lullabies. His fur is so super soft – and his size makes him extra cuddly.


Someone is really excited about a new friend we get to share about on the blog soon! #Elmo kisses are the best! #toddlers

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We had a few of Isaac’s friends over to play with Elmo and had a blast. The kids danced and sang along with Play All Day Elmo And let’s face it, toddlers and preschoolers have endless energy. If you’re lucky enough to have intense kids like me, life gets extra chaotic. Their curiosity abounds, and they explore and create.

Play All Day Elmo is a great buddy for Isaac. He carries him around, and was super excited to show him off to his friends. You can check Elmo out at most major retailer and online at

Play All Day with Elmo #PlayAllDayElmo #IC


We had snacks for our little friends, but nobody wanted to stop playing – especially after we pulled out the special gifts that were sent along for us to give to our guests. They were so excited to open up their Hasbro party packs. Each of our little guests received two great toys:

Playskool friends My Little Pony Musical Celebration Castle – a super cute product in the new My Little Pony Friends collection of preschool-friendly versions of these favorite characters.

Play All Day with Elmo #PlayAllDayElmo #IC


Playskool Heroes Jurassic World Tyrannosaurus Rex  — the ultimate preschool dinosaur toy. It roars and its eyes light up, as it chomps down on the unfortunate wildlife guy who is trying to tame him.

Play All Day with Elmo #PlayAllDayElmo #IC


I love toys that my kids can grow and interact with.

Play All Day with Elmo #PlayAllDayElmo #IC


The Play All Day Elmo is the perfect gift for your little ones. It’s fast becoming a family friend. Elmo goes just about everywhere with us.

Play All Day with Elmo #PlayAllDayElmo #IC


Do you know a special little one who might love to get Elmo for his or her very own? Grab one of these for the holidays.

Play All Day with Elmo #PlayAllDayElmo #IC