Homeschooling Through Anxiety With Time4Learning

It’s no secret that anxiety is rampant these days. In addition to all of the families I work with and hear from who struggle with anxiety in their home, my own family is affected. Anxiety makes everything harder, scarier, and sometimes seemingly impossible. It will rear its ugly head when you least expect it or walk beside you with no disguise. There are very few areas of one’s life that aren’t touched by their panic when someone deals with anxiety, and homeschooling is not one of those areas that is spared. 

Fortunately, there are options like Time4Learning for the anxious homeschooler.



In the last few years there has been an uptick in families choosing to homeschool their children due to the anxiety they experience in a traditional school setting. The sensory overwhelm, the pressure from standardized testing, the bullies, the scheduling… it can be a lot for any student, and too much for an anxious one.

Families choose more and more to allow their children to learn at home, free from the demands of public school. Being home allows a child to cope with anxiety in any way they need to, to take their time as they work through an attack, to not be rushed to the next class as they struggle to breathe. Homeschooling allows children with anxiety or other mental health issues the freedom to attend therapies as needed, without missing class, or try new medications that may affect their sleep without needing to be in a desk by 8 am. 

Time4Learning is a wonderful option for such students. 

By allowing students the flexibility to learn and complete tasks at their own pace, Time4Learning has removed the ever-pressing deadline pressure that traditional schooling has constantly hanging. With all subjects in one place, students may breeze through a topic they’ve already mastered or take as much time as they need to keep practicing. 

Rather than needing to press on in the name of keeping a class on a tight schedule, Time4Learning offers tutoring, as well, so that the anxious child never feels left behind, skipped over, or forgotten. Whatever panic may set in when a topic is tough is made better by the freedom in not having a deadline. It’s okay if it’s hard, because we have the time to work until it’s not. 

The comfort of home and the flexibility offered by Time4Learning is perfect for the child who is struggling with anxiety.

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Because apples don’t fall far from trees, oftentimes the anxious homeschooler is also the parent

Parenting while anxious is no easy task, and the number of parents I’ve had tell me that they’re too anxious to homeschool is definitely in the triple digits. There’s a lot riding on the decision, a lot of pressure that comes with being the person solely responsible for your child’s education. Kids aren’t the only ones to feel the demands of a rigorous academic standard, and parents who also struggle with anxiety are bound to become overwhelmed quickly.

Time4Learning works for anxious parents, too.

In addition to the flexibility I discussed above, anxious homeschooling parents can rest assured that their children are learning all they’re supposed to. Time4Learning meets state standards for all core school subjects, even offering add-on options like foreign languages, providing parents with the peace of mind that their child will not fall through any cracks and their education will not have any gaping holes. 

Because Time4Learning is all online, there are no papers to keep track of, no records to file away, no stacks of workbooks cluttering up the home and triggering any anxious feelings. There’s nothing to keep up with, prepare, remember, or print. There is no pressure on the parent apart from providing wifi and a computer. 

On days when your own anxiety is spiking, you have your own therapies, or you just need a break, Time4Learning is available to teach your child so that you can recover, breathe, and focus on your own wellness. 

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Whoever struggles with anxiety, be it you or your child, know that homeschooling is not only possible, it’s a wonderful choice to make. Having options like Time4Learning makes it that much easier to do what is best for your family without having to consider the pressures of tests, scheduling, planning, or even keeping a workspace clear of clutter. By having every subject in one spot, with options for children of all ages, the strain of holding up your children’s education doesn’t have to be more than you can bear. Instead, it can become as freeing as it was always supposed to be.