RLL #54: Homeschooling Through Tough Times


Let’s face it — homeschooling differently-wired kiddos is challenging. Parenting them is challenging. But, when life hits you from all sides, and you have highly emotional, anxiety-filled, and otherwise differently-wired kids to parent through it, you’re going to be lucky to get dinner on the table some days, let alone get any homeschooling done. 

And, will they really learn anything anyway when their lives are uncertain, family is sick, there’s a death or a move to deal with? Probably not.

So what do you do?

Colleen sits down and chats real life in this episode as she’s been parenting and homeschooling her four quirky kiddos through a lot of life stuff lately, and has a few insights. She’s not going to solve all your problems, but you’ll walk away from this episode knowing that you’re not the only one who gets hit by too much stuff at once, and that you will get through it. 

Listen, then share some of your own tips for coping in the comments section of this page or send a message through the voice widget below. We’re in this together and can get through tough times together!


Homeschooling During Tough Times


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