The New Trollhunters Series on Netflix

Based on the book by Guillermo del Torro and Daniel Kraus, the new series of Trollhunters on Netflix is a new family favorite. Does your family like fantasy? You’ll all love this story. Seriously, it’s a new super cool fave of all of us — from the newly turned four year old all the way up to us grown ups.


Trollhunters on Netflix


If you’re not familiar with the story, make sure you check out the book. It’ll become a well-loved read aloud for fantasy-loving families right from the get go. In the book, the main character Jim Sturges is a typical teen with an over-protective dad. When a decades-old mystery starts recurring, he needs to summon all his courage, and with the help of a motley crew of human and non-human heroes, battle the monsters he never knew existed to save the lives of everyone in his town.





The series — an original from Netflix — is just as compelling. Really. Netflix knocked it out of the park with this one. There are so many things in the series — bravery, humor (both the adult kind that’s clever and over the heads of most kiddos, and the kind that dissolves those kids into fits of giggles), awkwardness reminiscent of high school, phenomenal actors, and the amazing animation Dreamworks is known for. Just check out this infographic if you’re not convinced:

Trollhunters Infographic


The show is bound to ignite the imagination of your smart, creative kiddos, so be ready with these cool freebies that Netflix gave me to share with you. We had so much fun making this delicious hard rock candy — and really, when you’re watching an underground world full of trolls bent on eating up the human population, what’s better to snack on than some rock candy?




And, when your littlest Trollhunters (and maybe your big ones, too) decide they want to join in the battle, you can hand them these fun battle armor plans from Netflix, and let them loose in your recycle bin to make a fun arsenal of weapons for imaginative play.





In fact, there’s a lot you and your kiddos can do based on inspiration from the show. Check out some of these fun rock and battle-themed toys and science kits:





What do you think? Have you watched the show? Are you thinking about it? How about the book? Leave a comment.



Trollhunters on Netflix

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