Minecraft Challenge Calendar January

Minecraft Challenge Calendar for January

Afternoons in my house usually look something like this — the fourteen year old is busy creating new mods on the computer in his online Minecraft modding class, the nine and seven year olds have “connected” via our wifi connection and are playing Minecraft together in their combined world. And the four year old happily bounces between games, offering “advice.”


My kids love Minecraft, but sometimes I want them to get a little creative, so I pulled together a Minecraft Challenge Calendar for them -- and you!


My kids love Minecraft, and while I’ve never been a video game lover myself, I see the benefits of them cooperating and being creative together.

But sometimes I want them to get a little more creative.

So I pulled together a Minecraft Challenge Calendar for every month for them, and want to share it with you. At the end of each month, I’ll post the next month’s Minecraft Challenge Calendar so you’re ready to go on day one.

The best part? The calendars are perpetual, meaning that your kiddos can use them year after year because they’re not tied to specific days of the week. Some building challenges are tough, some are super easy, but I hope that all of them will spark a little creativity in your kids.

And will win you some cool parent points…

Want a copy for your family? It’s easy… Click on the download link below and put your email address into the form that pops up. Once you finish, you’ll come right back here to this post so you can check out some more fun Minecraft, STEM, or techy ideas for your kiddos, and the Minecraft Challenge Calendar will cozy up and wait for you in your inbox.



Don’t you just love the amazingness of technology?

Download the Minecraft Challenge Calendar, print it out, laminate it like I did, and hang it up near your computer. Your kiddos will be ready to finish all their homeschool work and chores so they can get to their challenges.

Parenting Win.


 Minecraft Challenge January


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