Win-Win Snacking for Toddlers

I’m telling you – snacking for toddlers is a big thing. And mine seems to want snacks all. day. long. That’s why when I find something that satisfies his toddler-world definition of a snack {apparently neither carrots nor string cheese count}, and my definition of healthy it’s a win-win moment. And I love sharing about great opportunities like this sponsored Gerber campaign – especially when it’s something we already love. Another win-win.

Win Win Snacking for Toddlers

When we grab Gerber Graduates from Target, Walmart, Amazon, or other retailers, Isaac and I both win.

He wins because he loves munching on things like Gerber Graduates baked snack crackers, cereal bars, and cinnamon graham animal crackers.

I win because I know that he’s getting whole grains that are portioned just right for him.

Win Win Snacking for Toddlers

When I was at the store stocking up to be prepared with on-the-go snacks for the coming T-Ball season, I grabbed ten different Gerber Graduates snack items. They keep well, and many come in canisters with seal-tight lids – perfect for snacking on in the van. It was hard to keep Isaac from trying to open them all before I got them safely stowed into our snack-and-other-emergencies stash in the back of our minivan.

But I did it, and am now loaded up for trips to the zoo, Cedar Point, and other local fun family destinations. Better yet, I was able to take advantage of the Gerber Graduate “Win-Win Moment” promotion – and you can too!

Win Win Snacking for Toddlers

Simply purchase any 10 Gerber Graduates products in one trip and upload a photo of your receipt at You’ll receive a free custom bin for your little snack-fiend, along with colorful NUK accessories to help make mealtime more fun.

Be sure to spread the word, and share your own #GerberWinWinMoments on Twitter and Facebook – Gerber would love to see your fun family moments.