Your Preschooler at Home

Preschoolers are my favorite people in the world. They love passionately, they learn with exuberance, and they fight with equal fervor. They just feel. Everything.

The thought of teaching preschoolers at home can be overwhelming. You worry that you won’t set them up for success, they won’t learn to read, and they won’t know what they need to know in order to move on in math, science, history, and geography.


Your Preschooler at Home



Preschoolers are among the best and easiest children to teach. They want to learn. They’re inquisitive, curious, and love adventures. They absorb everything in their world – even from videos and television shows.

The truth is, though, that you don’t need all of that. Your preschooler will learn through everyday life if you let him/her.

  • She’ll soak up letters and sounds as you read the same picture book again and again every night at bedtime until she has it memorized and asks for a new one.
  • He’ll learn math as he stands next to you helping to make cupcakes. Or cutting the cake and serving equal sized pieces. Or noticing who got more M & Ms when they were divvied up.
  • As she rides in the car or walks around the block with you, she’ll observe community helpers such as policemen on patrol, an ambulance on a rescue mission, or firemen washing their trucks.
  • He’ll even learn about zoology, fractions, letter blending, science methods, and more when you turn on Netflix or another video streaming service to give him a bit of quiet time in the afternoon while you regroup and start dinner.

Learning is everywhere, and your inquisitive preschooler is right there, absorbing it all. She’s busy playing and noticing. He’s making sense of his world while watching you – the most important person in her world.


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Your Preschooler at Home


As you start to think about what you’re going to do for preschool, remember to relax. You already are an amazing parent, raising amazing kiddos.

Don’t be overwhelmed. Don’t stress about the nuts and bolts of preschool learning.

You’re already completely and totally equipped to give your preschooler exactly what he or she needs…you.

Have you homeschooled preschool? What tips do YOU have for new parents heading down that road? Or, are you new to the idea of homeschooling your preschooler? What questions do you have?

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Your Preschooler at Home

Your Preschooler at Home

Your Preschooler at Home

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