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Come Meet Me (and Many Others) at Great Homeschool Conventions!

Winter is fading. The snow is melting (a little), the birds are singing, and Spring is just around the corner. I love this time of year not just because of the warmth that is headed my way, but because it signals the beginning of convention season with Great Homeschool Conventions

I can't wait to meet you at one of this year's Great Homeschool Convention events, but you'll also want to check out some of my other favorite speakers! #homeschool #homeschooling #convention

I have been speaking with GHC for a few years now, and every year I begin convention season with as much excitement as I end it with. GHC has really made an effort to not just consider the needs of a homeschooling family, but to listen to you all when you speak up! The exhibit halls are packed with quality merchants, presenters, and materials. The hallways are teeming with eager, hungry, loving families who are there to make the best decisions for their families. And the speakers – well, check them out for yourself! 

Pam Barnhill

Many of you know that Pam Barnhill is a great friend of mine. She and I are often like yin and yang – and have actually combined our homeschool knowledge and powers to create The Homeschool Help Desk! Pam is the go-to speaker for all things Morning Time, planning, and organization. She has several talks planned that can benefit all homeschool families at any point in their journey, and I am so excited to team up with her in our shared Homeschool Help Desk booth. 

Sarah Mackenzie

Another friend, Sarah is the energy, brains, and smile behind The Read Aloud Revival. She is a homeschooling mom of 6 and travels the country inspiring families to get back to reading together and spreading her infectious joy. Be sure to catch her at one of her author events and pick up one of her many books!

Andrew Peterson

You may remember Andrew from his episode of my podcast! He is an enormous supporter of interest-led learning and the arts in homeschooling. His talks promise to be exciting and inspiring, so make sure you’re there! 

Michael Clay Thompson

Few people’s names are as synonymous with gifted homeschooling than Michael’s. Royal Fireworks Press and he have been producing quality material specifically for gifted students for years, much of which has found its way into my own home. You’ll want to stop by and hear him speak, pick his brain, and appreciate the perspective he offers when it comes to educating minds that are so just so differently-wired. 

Douglas Gresham

Now this one is just cool. C.S. Lewis’ adopted stepson will be at the Texas and Ohio GHC events, and I am excited. Make a plan to brush up on your Narnia knowledge, bring some books to get autographed, and come ready to be moved by what he’s got to share

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The Homeschool Help Desk 

Remember when I mentioned how my friend, Pam Barnhill, and I join forces? We’ll be sharing a large booth – complete with couches and chocolate! – in order to make room for you and your needs. We’ll be there to answer your questions, give you a hug, encourage you, and just share in this journey we call home education. This is our second year bringing the Homeschool Help Desk to Great Homeschool Conventions, and we’re both just thrilled. We have volunteers lined up and ready to help you if we’re away speaking – or if the line gets long – so we can ensure that you find support and answers. We’re here for you, so come by and see us!

Mom to Mom Panel

Another sophomore happening at GHC, the Mom to Mom Panel is a favorite. Pam and I team up with Sarah Mackenzie to answer your questions, live! All three of us are homeschool veterans with different perspectives and complementing areas of expertise, and we take the stage – possibly while tossing chocolate into the crowd – to address your concerns, your questions, and your struggles. Each one is different and each time is a blast! You definitely won’t want to miss a Mom to Mom panel – but get there early, because seats fill up quickly!

Colleen Kessler

Of course you’re going to stop by and meet me, right? One of my favorite aspects of a Great Homeschool Convention is getting to meet and interact with so many of you I’ve connected with online, through my live Facebook videos, in my courses, or my groups! This is when I get to hug your neck, share my chocolate, even meet your quirky kiddos. We can sit and chat between talks and events, swap stories, share laughs, and maybe even shed a few tears. I’m still in the trenches with you, parenting and homeschooling these differently-wired kiddos of ours, and I get it. I’ll be doing three all-new talks this year on topics I know affect so many of you in the gifted community:

Clever, Cluttered, and Capable of More: How Helping Your Child Strengthen Executive Function Skills Can Wire Them for Success

I’ll be discussing those all-important (and often frustrating) executive functioning skills our differently-wired kiddos seem to struggle so much with. We’ll talk about just what EF skills are, how they impact our kids, and how you can help your child improve in those areas. 

Embracing Rabbit Trails: How to Build On Your Child’s Interests and Passions to Ignite a Self-Driven, Lifelong Love of Learning

You all know by now that I’m a big believer in interest-led learning! Come to this talk where we’ll talk about how to embrace rabbit trails and delight-driven learning without worrying your homeschool is going off the rails. Come ready to be inspired!

Never Good Enough: How Perfectionism, Anxiety, and Fear Are Holding Back Your Child and What to Do About It 

Anxiety and perfectionism are difficult for anyone, but when they rear their ugly heads in your homeschool it can bring a whole day to a halt. Come learn strategies to help you and your child overcome these roadblocks and frustrations. 


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Do you understand now why I’m so excited about this year’s Great Homeschool Conventions? There is so much to learn and be encouraged by this year, so many fantastic speakers and thinkers ready to share their wisdom and help us all succeed as homeschoolers. 

There are SEVEN different GHC events happening around the country, so be sure and find one near you! Don’t forget to use the code RLLGHC at checkout to receive a $5.00 discount on your registration… and definitely don’t forget to come see me! 


meet me at ghc