Finding Homeschool Balance

There are so many things that you need to accomplish in your homeschool each day and week. Besides school work and parenting, homeschool parents have to find ways to manage household work, meal planning, grocery shopping, volunteer work, and lots more.

The to-do list seems impossible. So how do you find or create the perfect balance?


The Truth about Homeschool Life

When you plan your homeschool schedule over the summer, it’s easy to believe you’ve found the best way to fit in all the things. But you don’t have to homeschool for very long before you find out that homeschool plans and an actual homeschool day can often be wildly different things.

This is challenging for brand-new homeschool moms, but it’s also challenging for those of us who have been on this homeschooling journey for a long time. How do you fit in all of the important tasks that fill up your daily schedule while still maintaining your mental health and maybe even squeezing in a few date nights?



The Truth about Finding Balance

The most important thing you can remember when it comes to your sense of balance with homeschooling and other responsibilities is to think long-term. Balance isn’t about counting up how much time you spend on individual things at the end of the day. A better balance assessment looks at the whole school year or even the season of life. During some days (or weeks or months), we may spend less time on things like household tasks, while in other phases, school time may be shorter or more condensed.

The right balance isn’t so much about daily rhythms as it is about what characterizes us over time. It’s about knowing what to let go during a particular time in life and where to focus.



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The Raising Lifelong Learners Podcast Episode #198 – Finding Homeschool Balance

Whether you’re new to this homeschool journey or you’re a long-time homeschooling parent, finding balance among all the different and competing responsibilities on your plate is a difficult and often overwhelming challenge. Today, I’d like to share the secret I’ve learned about what healthy balance actually looks like and how you can tell if you’re hitting that mark in your family, life, and homeschool.



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