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Finding Books for Your Gifted Readers

The best thing about having gifted readers is also the hardest thing – they are voracious. They inhale books, consume them, and aren’t even done chewing on their last novel before they’re begging for more. Parenting a gifted child comes with many perks and twists, intensities and unexpected challenges, but one of the most common and over-arching issues that pops up time and again with gifted readers is the question – What should my gifted readers be reading?

gifted readers


There’s an impulse, usually at first, to pump our gifted readers with an unending supply of nonfiction texts, encyclopedias, almanacs. We know they crave knowledge – and can absorb it – so we tend to swing too far in the direction of avoiding the colorful books for the informational ones. But no matter how brilliant these little minds are, gifted readers crave more than just facts. They want adventure, humor, mystery. They want to meet new characters, imagine new places, and be transported to an existence that only exists in books.

And so we start allowing them to roam among the fiction sections, only to discover a new problem – just what is appropriate for our gifted readers to dive into? They’re reading several grade levels ahead of the books written for kids their age, but not quite emotionally ready for the content written at their intellectual level. Gifted readers crave more complexity in their reading, so we tend to veer away from the more brightly-colored young readers and wander into the darker YA sections where the content may be understood, but not appropriate. It’s the eternal struggle of parents of gifted readers – just what are we supposed to give our kids to read? 


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  Fortunately, literature is not as black and white as you may have thought (pun intended). Here you’ll find many, many suggestions, from series for young gifted readers, to booklists, and yes, even picture books! Explore the many enjoyable options for your gifted readers, and don’t forget to leave your own favorite books in the comments!    Books Featuring Gifted or Twice-Exceptional Characters Being able to read about someone like themselves, other gifted characters, outside-the-box thinkers, and even twice-exceptional stories makes books even more personable and enjoyable for gifted readers. Check out some of these great titles featuring gifted or 2e characters!



Picture Books for Creative Kids Picture books aren’t just for toddlers! Check out these fantastic titles that feature deep storylines, concepts, moving art, and even open-ended storytelling opportunities.   




Great Series to Keep Young Readers Hooked Young gifted readers can sure grab onto a character, series, or topic with passion. Try out any (or all!) of these series and collections that are sure to keep young readers with their noses in books for a long time to come.   



Books to Help You Find More Books Sometimes you just need a jumping off point, a guide you can take to your local library or bookstore to help you navigate through the endless shelves of stories. These books are great guides to helping parents select just the right books for their young gifted readers.




More Book Lists to Help Parents of Gifted Readers If your voracious young reader has already made their way through every title featured here, then be sure to browse these other lists composed by various institutions, all intended for gifted readers and bursting with great literature!   


There is almost no limit to the number of books your gifted readers can enjoy! Don’t be afraid to explore new genres or styles of books, to allow your child’s imagination to take over. Members of our online community are always sharing their kids’ favorite books, too, so be sure to join the group and stay up-to-date on all of the latest titles. The love of reading in a gifted child is easy enough to encourage, you just have to keep their shelves fully stocked and remember the Reader’s Bill of Rights, made famous by Daniel Pennac: 

  1. The right to not read
  2. The right to skip pages
  3. The right to not finish
  4. The right to reread
  5. The right to read anything
  6. The right to escapism
  7. The right to read anywhere
  8. The right to browse
  9. The right to read out loud
  10. The right to not defend your tastes   

Don’t forget to share your gifted readers’ favorites in the comments, and happy reading! 



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