gifts for animal lovers

25 Great Gifts for Animal Lovers

My house has been a miniature zoo for as long as I can remember. You’ve probably seen our turtles swimming calmly in the background of some of my Facebook live videos. We became chicken keepers this year. At any given moment you can catch my youngest daughter snuggling a gerbil, our rabbit, or a lizard she’s found outside. Our dog, Bellatrix, makes frequent appearances on my social media, and that same animal-loving daughter of mine is angling to add a horse to our menagerie in the future. We love animals around here, and I know we’re not alone!

Animals are a great equalizer, typically loved by people of all ages. A cute puppy video or a funny goat picture can elicit a grin from just about anyone – it’s not tough to brighten a day with an animal! But when you’re dealing with an animal lover like my daughter, when you’re searching for gifts for animal lovers who have extensive knowledge of animal husbandry and obscure species, it can be a little tough to find that special something. I’m sharing great finds for animal lovers of all ages to help make your shopping a little easier – you may want to even snag a few of them for yourself! 

gifts for animal lovers


Educational gifts For Animal Lovers

Animal lovers cannot get enough when it comes to learning more about the furry, feathered, or scaly creatures of the world. There are so many interesting species that there seems to be a bottomless amount of material to devour, information to memorize, photos to marvel at.

Check out some of these educational gifts for animal lovers that will satisfy their curiosity and quicken their hearts! 

One of the most gorgeous books I’ve ever owned, Endangered is an engrossing book filled with stunning photography and compelling information about our world’s most endangered species. Another favorite here,

The Ugly Animals, is as interesting as it is entertaining, with page after page of laugh-inducing and interesting animals you may never have heard of (and, full disclosure, occasional descriptions of unusual mating habits).

Insecta is another of my favorites, an enormous book filled with mind-blowing macro photography of bugs that looks more like art than insect! Not forgetting the finned friends, Ocean Bingo is a fun way to learn about and appreciate the aquatic animals of our world.

This tiger anatomy model makes for a great learning tool as well as a bit of decor (and there are dozens of other animal models to choose from!).

Zoology for Kids comes from one of my favorite series of books and is packed with information about animals, caring for them, facts, and even activities!

Younger animal lovers can enjoy a fox coloring and activity book or this animal kingdom talking book, while an animal tracks matching game involves the whole family. And just for fun, this Poodunnit animal tracking book is equal parts entertaining and educational!






Cozy Gifts For Animal Lovers

Animal lovers are notorious cuddlers! Whether stroking a purring cat, snoozing with a sleepy pup, or forming a bond with a farm animal, there is something so healing about snuggling up with a furry friend. Sometimes, though, obstacles like allergies, weather, space, or access may keep your little creature hound (pun intended) from being able to embrace a pet.

Snag some of these cozy gifts that can be worn or snuggled any time! This corgi tush pillow brings such a smile to my face – imagine carrying it onto a plane for your next trip!

For the pet parent who can’t bear to be parted with their fur baby, a hoodie with cat or puppy pouch is actually quite practical.

Few people know much about water bears, and even fewer get the chance to see one for themselves. Grab this tardigrade plush for the quirky animal lover who will appreciate such a unique creature!

It doesn’t get much cozier than wrapping up in a wearable sloth blanket and warming your toes in proboscis monkey slippers, while your kiddo snuggles into their alligator tail blanket!






The Perfect Stocking Stuffers For Animal Lovers

These easy gifts for animal lovers come in small packages but have a big impact!

These horse hoof socks are a unique idea for the horse-lover on your list, while this rose gold paw print necklace is a subtle and beautiful way to express your animal enthusiasm.

I think I’m going to order this monkey vegetable peeler for myself, to brighten up boring cooking prep!

A perfect stocking stuffer for an animal-loving bookworm is this cat book light, or this funky axolotl composition notebook for your writers and poets (or just for fun school subjects).

This screaming goat figure and book is too funny not to be enjoyed by just about anyone!





Finding gifts for animal lovers can be as fun to search for as they are to receive – I had so much fun creating this post that I added a few of the items to my cart! Animals have long provided emotional support, companionship, wonder, fun, and sport to us humans, it’s no wonder that they hold such special places in our hearts.

Whether you’re looking for something quirky, cozy, or cool, I’m sure you’ve found something just right for the creature connoisseur in your life!


gifts for animal lovers