Free September Minecraft Challenge Calendar

Minecraft Challenge Calendar | Free September Download

School is probably in full swing for you now, whether you send your kids to a public, private, or parochial school or you homeschool like we do. Are you looking for some extra educational fun to add to your kiddos’ day? The September Minecraft Challenge Calendar is here. Simply click to download and you’ll be equipped with 30 new prompts to help you make Minecraft educational for your kids.


Free September Minecraft Challenge Calendar


Don’t forget that calendars are perpetual, that means that your kids can use them year after year because they’re not tied to specific days of the week. We’ve been laminating ours so they stay intact for when we pull them out again. Some building challenges are tough, some are super easy, but I hope that all of them will spark a little creativity in your kids.

And will win you some cool parent points…

Want a copy for your family? It’s easy… Click on the download link below and put your email address into the form that pops up. Once you finish, you’ll come right back here to this post so you can check out some more fun Minecraft, STEM, or techy ideas for your kiddos, and the Minecraft Challenge Calendar will cozy up and wait for you in your inbox.

May Minecraft Challenge Calendar


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