Random Acts of Kindness for Kids

We all want to raise our children to be kind, generous adults. As a parent, there are so many things we can do to help ensure that happens.


Random Acts of Kindness for Kids


One way is to teach random acts of kindness. Whether it’s helping a stranger load her groceries on the conveyor belt or picking up something someone dropped, there are so many little things you can do to teach your kids to do nice things for people… just because.


Set an Example of Looking for Random Acts of Kindness

Children learn so much by simply watching their parents. Anytime you have the chance to perform a random act of kindness, do it. You might help someone reach something on a high shelf in the grocery store or open a door for someone. The more your kids see you doing things like this, the more apt they’ll be to do it themselves.


Start Teaching Kids Random Acts of Kindness Early

The earlier you start teaching your kids to perform random acts of kindness, the more likely they are to stick with it. Start by doing something nice for them and asking them why you did it. When they say they don’t know, tell them that it was just because. Explain that they should look for ways to do the same for others.

There’s something powerful in being kind for the sake of kindness. I tell my kids that “kindness always wins.” Sometimes it’s hard to choose kindness in situations, but when we practice “just because,” the lesson sticks.




Kindness wins, friends… Just ask my three year old. 😂💕 #RaisingKindKids

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Give Your Kids a Push to Be Kind

When you see a chance for your child to do something nice for someone, give them a nudge. For example, whisper in your son’s ear that he should hold the door open for the person coming in behind him. The more you encourage these habits, the quicker he’ll start doing them on his own.


Tell Your Kids Not to Get Discouraged

Unfortunately, not everyone in this world is kind. Your son may open the door for someone and the person may not thank him. Explain that he shouldn’t let that stop him. Tell him that most people are very grateful for the small things we do for them and that those actions make the world a better place.

In fact, though he may not see it, that same person that didn’t thank him might just smile at someone who needs it when she remembers your son’s kindness. Kindness has a trickle down effect.


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Random Acts of Kindness for Kids


Imagine how wonderful the world would be if we all did something nice — just because.

When we raise our children to perform random acts of kindness, we help ensure that future generations will be kinder. Whether you set an example for your children or tell them not to get discouraged, random acts of kindness can be the basis for how they live their lives. You can raise children that do the right thing. Start today by performing your own act of kindness.


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