Sci Chic Monthly Themes - Use code RLL10OFF to save 10 percent at checkout

STEM Jewelry Your Girls Will Love

Are your girls into science and tech fun like mine are? We’re always looking for ways to honor their inner geeks, while still letting them be as girly as they want to be, and Sci Chic is the perfect solution.

And, honestly, you should have heard the squeals the first time the girls opened one of their monthly kids’ subscription boxes. They’ve gotten two so far, and loved them both.


Sci Chic Monthly Themes - Use code RLL10OFF to save 10 percent at checkout


I even got in on the action and received one of the Sci Chic Monthly Boxes for adults to try out. I love, love, love my 3D-Printed Solar System Necklace. It’s a great conversation piece and starts people talking and asking questions everywhere I go.



What is the Sci Chic Kids Box all about?

Each month Sci Chic features a new kids box on a new theme, filled with goodies from the founders’ 3D printers and STEM-y imaginations. In our coding box, the girls received BFF necklaces with <strong></strong> printed pendants, a “Hello World” keychain (you know… that first message in the template of the first post when you start a new site?), a couple of rings with coding symbols, a charm for the girls’ charm bracelets — they get one the first time they subscribe, and add a new charm each month), and a cute computer button.

Their chemistry boxes were awesome, too. The girls received “gold necklaces” (chains with a Au symbol representing gold on the periodic table), a new charm for their bracelets, a helium button, a periodic table bracelet, and some super fun periodic table temporary tattoos.



Sci Chic isn’t limited to the kids’ boxes, though. I’ve love the things I’ve gotten, too, and am eyeing a few other pieces like the atom, pi, and warm front necklaces and several of their new shirts. I’m also planning to pick myself and the girls up some of the biology boxes in July to celebrate the release of my new book since it’s all about the biology you can study in your own backyard!

If you want to try a box out, you can use the code RLL10Off at checkout to get 10% off your first month of either the kids or adult subscription boxes as well as 10% off all jewelry! Hurry, though… if you want to order the Mathematics box in May, you’ll have to place your order by April 19th!

Check out what’s coming up:

Sci Chic Monthly Themes - Use code RLL10OFF to save 10 percent at checkout


What the Kids Thought of Sci Chic

The girls loved this subscription box. It validated that they can have cute things that are still smart. And they felt smart talking about them — particularly the BFF necklaces. My littlest gave her second necklace to her little brother (which melted my heart) and my big girl gave hers to a friend. Then, she and her friend pulled out the little information card that came with the box, and spent the afternoon reading about coding, and playing with it on a few of the fun apps we have on the iPad.

Jewlery that encourages them to code with friends? Win.

Sci Chic Monthly Themes - Use code RLL10OFF to save 10 percent at checkout


What I Thought About Sci Chic

Honestly? I’m totally in love with this subscription box idea. I really love everything about it — and I know that you will too! The founder, Erin, is a mechanical engineering grad (I LOVE supporting STEM-smart women entreprenuers) who was inspired to show how beautiful and creative engineering could be. And, let me tell you, she’s succeeding. My youngest daughter was always into science and tech like her brothers, but my nine year old wasn’t.

She is now. She LOVES showing off both her jewelry and her knowldege about chemistry and coding now — both of those interests were formed when she went down rabbit trails prompted by the information cards that accompany the themed surprises each month.

I’m sold.


Sci Chic Monthly Themes - Use code RLL10OFF to save 10 percent at checkout(Don’t forget to use RLL10OFF to save 10% when you order.)


Head over to the site and check it all out, then let me know if you order. I’d love to hear what you think of this cool subscription box.


Sci Chic Monthly Themes - Use code RLL10OFF to save 10 percent at checkout


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The kids and I received a few complimentary boxes to check out, but were neither compensated for nor required to write a favorable review. The thoughts are all ours and we were excited to share this cool innovative product with you because we KNOW our readers will love it too!