Tracks in the Snow - Think Outside Boxes

Tracks in the Snow | Think Outside Boxes

“What made those tracks in the snow, Mom?” Isaac, my five year old, peered intently at the ground near his feet. The footprint was likely made by one of the many stray cats that roam our neighborhood at night, but his simple question reminded me that there is wonder to be found everywhere if one only knows how to look.


"What made those tracks in the snow, Mom?" My 5yo, peered at the ground. The simple question reminded me that there is wonder to be found everywhere...


The latest box we received from our Think Outside Boxes subscription was the perfect complement to Isaac’s wonder at the things we take for granted around us. The Wildlife Box arrived with the most adorable squirrel looking at us intently from the cover, and was filled with tools for tracking animals in our neighborhood and the nearby woods.

How could one go wrong with a box filled to the brim with supplies meant for seeking out wildlife? It’s been difficult to pinpoint the kids’ favorites among these tools. My littlest adores the binoculars. They’re sturdy and high quality.


Tracks in the Snow - Think Outside Boxes


My teen’s favorite tool is the waterproof notebook and pencil for writing in all weather. He’s actually wanted one for awhile, and so when this was discovered in his box, he was thrilled.

I love the waterproof tracking cards. They clip easily onto the ring we got in our first box, and have added a nice element to the collection we’ve begun. Each card shows track shapes of common North American animals, and includes descriptions and facts about those animals.

My daughter — the non-nature-lover — prefers the bear bell that was included in this box. She’s a little skittish and the idea of a wearable warning bell to ward off animals is exactly what she’s dreamed of… now, to get her to use the included magnet to silence it on our hikes when the rest of us want to see local wildlife.


Tracks in the Snow - Think Outside Boxes


With each new box we receive, I’m more and more impressed by the accompanying booklet. There are so many interesting activities and facts woven throughout it. In this booklet, the kids learned all about the things animals leave behind, their homes, tracks, tips for journaling, measurement, the bald eagle, food chains, and developing empathy through speaking up about animal cruelty.

Honestly, this is one of the best things we’re doing in our homeschool this year. Don’t forget that you can get $10 off your first box when you use the code RLL10 at checkout.

And that five year old tracker-in-training is now finding and identifying tracks everywhere we go (real and imagined).


Tracks in the Snow - Think Outside Boxes


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