Afterschooling with Time4Learning

It’s no secret that we’ve found great success homeschooling our gifted and differently-wired kiddos. After more than a decade spent working in the public school system, and seeing the benefits in our own family, I’m more convinved than ever that homeschooling has been the right choice for us. I know, however, that not everyone can homeschool, or even wants to. Some families rely on two incomes, need the services offered by public schools, some families are run by single parents, and some families just aren’t keen on the idea of homeschool. The problem remains, however, that gifted kids just need more than what their schools are usually able to offer, so what are families to do? How do they meet the very different and very real needs of their gifted and twice-exceptional children that schools can’t without homeschooling? 




Afterschooling seems to be the black sheep of educational camps, the third party option that doesn’t get as much press and passion. The differences between homeschooling and traditional schooling are so pronounced that afterschooling seems to blend in and go overlooked. Many have never even heard of the option, and many more have been afterschooling without even realizing what it was called. Afterschooling is, simply, learning after school. It’s a marriage of homeschooling and traditional schooling. Once the final bell rings and the traditional school day ends, the child comes home and engages in more learning. Not homework, not review, but true, enaging, enriching, and customized learning. Like mini-homeschool done in the hours after traditional school lets out. 

Afterschooling is an excellent option for those parents whose kids just need more, whose kids need more attention or time on a subject or skill than the classroom will allow, or who need more challenge than the class curriculum pace will offer. It’s giving your kids what they’re missing from school. 

The issue remains, however, that parents can’t always juggle the regular evening chaos in addition to creating and implementing a miniature homeschool. For numerous reasons, while afterschooling is an excellent option, it’s not always easy to actually do. This is where Time4Learning steps in to create the perfect solution. 

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Time4Learning is an online learning program, available 24 hours a day, that allows students to learn anywhere, anytime, at any pace. The program offers insights to parents so you can better address issues or see their progress, and features lessons that feel more like games so your kiddo doesn’t feel like they’re leaving one school and sitting down to another. They offer lessons from phonics to physics, ensuring that every member of the family is being catered to, challenged, and educated. Everything needed to enrich a student, in one convenient place, with nothing to hunt down, reserve at the library, order, or organize.

Because the access is 24 hours a day, there are no set times to schedule, nothing more to add to a calendar. Your child simply logs in whenever is most convenient. If a school break has them anxious to stretch their brains, Time4Learning is ready to go. If an illness has your kiddos laid up on the couch all week, Time4Learning helps them pick right up and not miss a thing. If school is just too easy, as so many parents hear from their gifted kids, Time4Learning is always available to challenge them and help build new skills. It’s like having an extra teacher on standby that you don’t have to schedule around… or even be home for!

Time4Learning offers options for gifted and accelerated learners as well as those students who may be struggling in one or more areas. Simply put, it is the perfect option for families who need more for their children, but don’t have the time or opportunity to provide it personally. 

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We’ve used Time4Learning in our own family for quite a while now and have found it to be an excellent option for so many different needs, due to how flexible it is. The kids can work independently, making it ideal for parents who may be working while their child is afterschooling. It’s not just busy work to keep a child occupied, it’s a genuine learning platform. 

For all of the families who know their child needs more from school but don’t know how to offer it, Time4Learning is the solution you’ve been needing. Go check out how it works and start afterschooling today!