gifted overexcitabilities

Gifted Children and Sensual Overexcitabilities: A Parent’s Guide

This continues our overexcitabilities series for parents of gifted children. Today, the focus is on gifted children and sensual excitabilities. 


gifted overexcitabilities


What Are Sensual Overexcitabilities?

Sensory overexcitabilities are relatively easy to understand, but not always easy to recognize in our children.

Essentially, Its an intensity and heightened awareness of one or more of the five senses:

  1. Sound
  2. Sight
  3. Taste
  4. Touch
  5. Smell

For example, children may be overwhelmed and nauseated from certain smells or resist the feeling of shoes and socks. Or, conversely, your child may seek out certain tastes, noises, smells, textures, etc. 

Another example is an intense attraction and deep appreciation of music, story, art, nature, etc. These children crave touch, texture, taste, sound and sight. They often seek comfort and can be very sensitive to their environments. 

(Learn more about what to look for in determining your child’s overexcitabilities in today’s episode.)


gifted overexcitabilities


Helping Children With Sensual Overexcitabilities

It can be difficult to distinguish the difference between sensory processing disorder and sensual overexcitabilities. While a child may be easily diagnosed with sensory processing disorder, the usual interventions for it may not work in the typical way for a child who has sensual overexcitabilities. 

The good news is therapies that work with sensory processing disorder can help a child with sensual overexcitabilities learn to regulate and understand their sensory needs> Often, what’s needed is the addition a bit of intellectual stimulation and imaginative for the gifted child.

Colleen also shares four additional ways that we can help our children with overexcitabilities in today’s epsiode.


gifted overexcitabilities


The Gift Of Sensual Overexcitabilities

Most importantly, try not to lose sight of the amazing gifts that sensory overexcitabilities can bring to you and to your child!
These are the kids that make trips to art galleries and plays a wonderful experience. Their awareness and appreciation of the world is infectious and their passion is brilliant. 

A Free Resource For You!

This visual overview of sensory overexcitabilities and reminders of how we can help our children will help you as you begin to incorporate this information into your daily life. Get your free copy HERE or click on the picture below!

sensual overexcitabilities visual


Raising Lifelong Learners Episode 142: Sensual Overexcitabilities And Gifted Children

In today’s episode, we continue our overexcitabilities series for parents of gifted children. Today, the focus is sensual excitabilities and gifted children. Colleen discusses what these overexcitabilities are and how to help your child. 


Links And Resources From Today’s Show:


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