Games to Get You Moving

Whether it’s the weather, a packed schedule, or just a comfortable couch, sometimes it can be difficult to get up and get moving. While full of energy, kids can struggle with the motivation to leave their video games or engrossing novels. Calling it exercise or homeschool PE doesn’t usually win over many fans, either. Yet movement is such an important part of our overall health that we can’t afford to leave it out of our routine. Kiddos with a psychomotor excitability, those with ADHD, or sensory seeking children can all find tremendous benefit from getting up and moving.

The key, at least in my house, it to make sure there’s some kind of structure to movement time. Otherwise the kids end up in each others’ spaces and the only things getting worked out are tempers. So whether you’re tricking your tired couch potato or trying to provide some structure, these games are the perfect way to make movement fun. Movement and exercise don’t have to be seen as a punishment and PE doesn’t have to be the bane of non-athletic kids’ existence. So get moving on these fun resources and enjoy the memories made while you get your blood pumping!




Indoor Games

If you live in a place with limited outside access or extreme weather, it can sometimes be difficult to get yourself up and moving. These indoor games offer plenty of fun and blood-pumping movement in the comfort of your own living room! This Twister Ultimate game adds fun new twists, with more colors and the option to connect to Alexa! These yoga dice don’t require much room and are a great option for kiddos who need to keep a calmer pace. While this indoor soccer game will require quite a bit of space, it’s a fantastic way to get some serious movement in when you can’t go out. This Get in the Loop game is a wonderful option for kids who can’t stand or run for long periods of time, and charades is always an indoor win. And don’t forget to record yourself battling against the kiddos on this light-up dance mat with bluetooth connectivity, since busting a move is a sure-fire way to work up a sweat! 




Indoor/Outdoor Games

These games can be enjoyed outside or in, in large groups or small! Board games like Fitivities or The Floor is Lava are perfect for family activities, and the pieces from the Hapinest Turtle Steps offer almost unlimited options to create obstacles, add challenges, and make your own rules. These Find & Seek Scavenger Hunt cards are a fantastic fit for almost any location. The inflatable body bumpers are probably best suited for the outdoors, but just imagine how much fun your kiddos will have with them! With a little room cornhole can become an indoor game, or try adding challenges like tossing blindfolded, standing on one foot, or even water to the mix for a unique game play experience each time. 



One-Person Movement Tools

If you’ve got an only child or a large discrepancy in ages, it can be hard to find games to get single bodies moving. These are perfect for wigglers, wanderers, and only kiddos who just need some more movement. Balance boards come in a few different styles, but the principle and benefits are all basically the same. Bonus – toss out trivia or math questions to your kiddo while they struggle to keep their balance! Similar to the yoga dice above, these Body Awareness cards are a compact way to work on both movement and mindfulness. Jump ropes are a classic way to move while also working on numbers, counting in different languages, skip counting, and more! A multi-sided exercise die is a quick way to fit mini workouts in, and a pogo stick is sure to bring hours of laughs and some sore muscles. 




Exercise doesn’t have to be torture, and workouts don’t require a gym. Try incorporating these fun games and tools into your days or your homeschool routine to reap the benefits of movement and hours of laughs. Be safe, of course, but be sure to join in whenever you can and enjoy that rush of endorphins!