homeschooling with netflix - movie and book pairings

Homeschooling with Netflix | More Movie and Book Pairings

It’s no secret that we love Netflix – ditching cable television all those years ago in favor of streaming video subscriptions was one of the best decisions we ever made. We get to use great documentaries and shows in our homeschool, have fun family nights, and my husband and I can enjoy throwbacks to our youth.

homeschooling with netflix - movie and book pairings


As we kick off a new year, the kids and I are planning to read a lot and go on lots of local adventures together. Lately, we’ve loved checking out fabulous adaptations of great books that we’ve read or want to read. Last year I shared some great book and movie pairings to help you teach language arts to your homeschoolers.

Today, I’m sharing more great movie and book pairings with you, along with a free printable Venn diagram so you can have your kiddo keep track of the similarities and differences between the book and the movie. Venn diagrams – and any kind of comparison/contrast exercises – are great for developing critical thinking and observation skills in kids.

If you’d like a copy of the Venn diagram printable, simply click on the thumbnail and download it to print or save to your computer.

Movie and Book Pairings Venn Diagram


Movie Adaptations of Contemporary Books



Movie Adaptions of Classic Books



Do you have any favorites that I missed? If so, share them in the comments and I’ll them to the post. Don’t forget to grab your copy of the Venn diagram. It will make a great addition to your kids’ language arts portfolios.


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