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Taking Care of Injuries on the Trail | Think Outside Boxes

It’s no secret that anxieties are strong in my home. With creativity and intelligence abounding, my kids have no trouble imagining plenty of worst case scenarios or developing healthy fears of illness and injury. If I’m being honest, I’ve been known to Google symptoms a few times and come away even more worked up than when I first started investigating. 

No matter how much logic or reassurance you use, sometimes kids are just scared of the unknown and the uncontrollable. 

You can understand, then, the intense curiosity – and almost relief – that my kids felt when the Think Outside First Aid Box arrived, packed with tools and tips for taking care of ailments and injuries. Friends, we needed this box.

Think Outside Boxes First Aid


A first aid kit is always a good item to have on hand, and this month’s Think Outside box came with a fantastic one. In addition to the 76-piece kit, there are several multi-use items that can come in handy during any number of emergencies, such as elastic bandages and a bandana. Who knew there were so many uses for tongue depressors when faced with an injury? 

The booklets included in each month’s Think Outside box are always brimming with information, helpful tips, step-by-step instructions, even jokes and lessons on empathy. The booklet that accompanies the First Aid Box, however, should be carried in every bag or pack that ever leaves the house! It is absolutely packed with valuable information and helpful tips that may very well come in handy some day. The kiddos had a great time trying out the different ways shown to make a stretcher and deciding which type would be best for different injuries and weights, and the step-by-step pictorials were incredibly easy to follow.

Think Outside Boxes First Aid


Practicing bandaging was also a hit – including my amazement at the multiple uses for tongue depressors – and really helped empower my anxious kiddos to be able to think beyond the fear of injury. The first aid information and practice was also a great chance to brush up on our anatomy knowledge! 

Illness or injury can happen at any time, but knowing what to do in a first aid emergency is crucial when outdoors or alone. The knowledge we’ve gained from our Think Outside First Aid Box has done more than soothed anxieties, it’s prepared myself and my kiddos to be calm, helpful, and empowered in those worst case scenarios they worry about so much. Not just knowing what to do, but how to do it, is absolutely invaluable.

Think Outside Boxes First Aid


Got an anxious child or a budding survivalist at home? Grab them a subscription to Think Outside Boxes now and save $10 at check out with the code RLL10! It’s an investment that’s as much about adventure as it is peace of mind. 


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