Why Homeschooling Helps Your Gifted Child Thrive

Why Homeschooling Helps Your Gifted Child Thrive


Education and achievement doesn’t have to look like school, and it doesn’t have to follow a prescribed path. In this audio-blog episode, Colleen shares the reality of rethinking achievement and how homeschooling helps our gifted children thrive. 


Why Homeschooling Helps Your Gifted Child Thrive


Making The Decision To Homeschool My Gifted Child

As someone who worked in the school system and loved it, making the decision to homeschool my oldest son, so many years ago, was not easy. I had so many preconceived notions of what defines success and academic achievement, especially for gifted children.

Now, as my oldest prepares to graduate high school (as a homeschooler), I can see that the decision to homeschool is actually what has supported him most and helped him to thrive.


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Why Homeschooling Helps Your Gifted Child Thrive


Why Homeschooling Helps Your Gifted Child Thrive

I can sum it up in one word – Freedom.

Homeschooling helps gifted children thrive because it gives them the freedom to learn in ways that work best for their brilliant minds!

As homeschooling parents of gifted kids, I think we need to revise our perspectives when it comes to achievement. Most people think that kids need to follow a linear path when it comes to learning. And, while it’s true that some subjects like math tend to build upon themselves, one skill at a time, that’s just not the case for most of what kids learn during their childhood.

Homeschooling helps a gifted child thrive because it removes the typical, linear approach and it allows for true learner exploration. 

And, it protects their own motivation and inspiration throughout the learning process!


Why Homeschooling Helps Your Gifted Child Thrive



RLL Podcast Episode 110

In today’s episode, we explore this concept in much more detail. This is a practical, in-depth look at both how we define achievement, and why this is so essential for our gifted children’s success . 


Why Homeschooling Helps Your Gifted Child Thrive


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