Should I Homeschool My Twice-Exceptional Student?

A reader shared that she is considering homeschooling her twice-exceptional student after watching her daughter “crumple” in the public school system – loosing her enthusiasm for learning and her ability to thrive in a public school setting.

What about you? Are you considering homeschooling your twice-exceptional, gifted, or otherwise quirky kiddo?

Public Schools and Twice-Exceptional Students

In the early years of our parenting journey, we assumed we would make use of traditional schools for our children’s education. My oldest was actually excited to get up every day. He looked forward to the school work, experiments, and other learning opportunities he would experience with his classroom teacher.

But it wasn’t long at all before we began to observe that same “crumpling” this reader mentioned. Bright students and gifted learners can find that even the excitement of learning opportunities can be overshadowed by all sorts of things like learning struggles, behavioral problems, or unique emotional needs that are hard to meet in traditional school environments.

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Twice-Exceptional and Gifted Homeschooling

Sometimes the best place for gifted children or twice-exceptional children is actually homeschooling. The potential homeschool parent might worry about finding the best homeschool curriculum for each of the subject areas, or making sure that their students have social opportunities and ways to make new friends.

Local homeschooling groups can be a great way to find support, get answers to your questions, and also give your kids the opportunity to interact with other homeschoolers. But there are also lots of options if you don’t have a homeschool group in your area that works for you. There are a plethora of online resources both for curriculum, instruction, and even peer engagement.

Find a Gifted Homeschoolers Forum

As a homeschool parent, it may be helpful for you to join an online community or Facebook group where parents raising or homeschooling a gifted or twice-exceptional kid can interact with other parents who have similar experiences. Two Facebook groups you might find helpful are Raising Poppies and Homeschooling Poppies.

But the place where I spend the majority of my time is in our private community The Learner’s Lab. The Learner’s Lab is a great place for gifted students and twice exceptional students to learn in the presence of peers. No only do members have the opportunity to engage in learning activities, but they can connect with other homeschoolers in our forum.

I also offer monthly live Q&A sessions for parents in the group to cover all of those topics that come up when you are raising or homeschooled gifted and twice-exceptional children.

The Raising Lifelong Learners Podcast Episode #193 – Should I Homeschool My Twice-Exceptional Student?

In today’s podcast episode, I’m answering a mom’s questions about considering homeschooling as an option for her twice-exceptional student. I know it can be overwhelming to consider taking this step, wondering where you’ll find the resources you’ll need and how to help your kids get connected with peers. I’ve shared some of my best advice and the things that have really worked for us over the years in today’s episode!

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