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Interest-Led Learning In The Early Years: Preschool and Beyond

Curious about Interest-led learning for your younger child, but not sure where to start? This will guide you through letting your child take the lead beginning in preschool and on into the elementary years.


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Following your kids’ curiosity and crafting your homeschool around their interests can be a powerful way to motivate learning. When your homeschool becomes more playful, it becomes more interesting and engaging.

The Value Of Interest-Led Learning For Neurodiverse Children

Using our kids’ interests to fuel their education is a powerful way to motivate and tap into their natural drive for learning, particularly for differently wired kids. If your child is neurodiverse in any way – gifted twice- exceptional, autistic, dyslexic, struggling with anxiety, sensory challenges, or any other learning difference – interests can really give them the drive to learn. More importantly, this increased motivation can help them overcome some of the challenges that they face.


homeschooling preschool


Interest-Led Learning Doesn’t Have To Be Overwhelming

Interest-Led Learning can often feel challenging and overwhelming on us parents, especially when we are first getting started. Add in younger children and it is reasonable to feel a little overwhelmed by the perceived effort this will take.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way.

True interest-led learning doesn’t have to take a ton of time on your part.

A few years back, my children were extremely passionate about ancient history, particularly Ancient Egypt. In order to follow their interest, I did a couple Google searches. I searched a few blogs for Ancient Egypt ideas for kids. We watched videos and documentaries online.

You can do this too! If something sparks your kids’ interests, you can act as their guide through the available resources and not necessarily the instructor or expert. 


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Examples Of Interest-Led Learning

These are a just a few of the wonderful examples we have of real homeschooling moms, walking you through how they create interest-led educational experiences for their children.

I also share personal examples from my own homeschool in this week’s episode of the podcast.

Finally, don’t overcomplicate it. I want to encourage you to dive in and have a great week with your kids. Do something super interesting and fun with them. Let them lead you. You might be surprised at the results.


homeschooling preschool


The Raising Lifelong Learners Podcast Episode #174 – Interest-Led Learning In The Early Years: Preschool and Beyond

This is the first episode in a two part series, all about the ages and stages of interest-led learning. Join Colleen as she shares practical examples and encouragement for child directed learning, beginning in the preschool years. 


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