Inspire Creativity with LEGO and Netflix

When we think about creativity, we typically think about artistic or musical talents. But problem solving is a key component of creativity, and one that is so important to think about as we raise the next generation of world leaders.

One of our favorite creativity-builders is LEGO.


Inspiring Creativity with LEGO


LEGO bricks are kind of a staple in our house. We love both building with LEGO kits and free-building with our ever-growing collection of bricks. Each type of building fosters a different type of learning – both valuable and necessary to raising great kids.

And my kids love all things LEGO – the kits, bricks, movie, and shows. We’ve been absolutely adoring the newest shows (that just released on March 4th!) on Netflix:


LEGO Bionicle

Inspiring Creativity with LEGO


and LEGO Friends.

Inspiring Creativity with LEGO


Using New Netflix LEGO Shows to Inspire Creativity in Writing

While some will argue that watching The LEGO Movie or LEGO TV shows on Netflix doesn’t foster creativity, I would have to disagree.

Creativity is so multi-faceted that it’s not only difficult to narrow down, but it really shouldn’t be viewed through a single lens. I see my kids watch LEGO Friends, and then use their LEGO Friends characters to act out the episodes they’ve watched. And then I watch them expand the story.


Inspiring Creativity with LEGO


One of the best techniques I had for inspiring reluctant writers to write when I taught in the classroom, was to take a well-loved story and create a new ending, add onto the story, or rewrite it from a new perspective. Having the flexibility in thinking to take an existing story to the next level is a great way to scaffold new creatives.


Using LEGO Kits to Creatively Teach Skills and Concepts

Using LEGO kits – from mainstream ones like Bionicle, Friends, City, and Creator to the more mechanical like Technics, We-Do, and Mindstorms – can teach kids all manner of subjects. They learn construction skills, following directions, cause and effect, and task completion.

But, kids can also learn about simple machines, basic programming, mechanical advantage, and so much more.


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Inspiring Creativity with LEGO


Then, those kiddos who were so actively engaged in their hands-on LEGO learning, will be more likely to not only remember what they learned, but to build off of it. They may make improvements to their creations, build larger and more secure structures, or even take what they learned about simple machines and improve their treehouse by adding a dumbwaiter operated by a multiple pulley system.


Using LEGO bricks to Inspire Creativity in Problem Solving

Free-building with random pieces of LEGO can take kids from the building basic structures, to creating complex architectural designs. They can then use that and scaffold into divergent thinking – a powerful creative problem solving skill – and figure out what to switch around to made a building more structurally sound. Or to withstand the force of a hurricane. Or to accommodate other terrain challenges.


Inspiring Creativity with LEGO


The next time your kiddos are begging you to take out the box of LEGO bricks you have hiding in the attic, encourage them to be creative and try solving a world problem through their brick designs.

You never know where their imagination will take them.

And, if you’re looking for more creative writing inspirations using LEGO characters, check out these other great LEGO shows on Netflix:


LEGO Batman

Inspiring Creativity with LEGO



Inspiring Creativity with LEGO


LEGO Elves

Inspiring Creativity with LEGO


Other Netflix ideas for enhancing your homeschool:

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Inspiring Creativity with LEGO

Inspiring Creativity with LEGO

Inspiring Creativity with LEGO

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