Knowing If Your Child is Gifted

So you have a bright learner. Maybe he has a vivid imagination. Maybe he scores well on achievement tests. Maybe you notice exceptionally early cognitive abilities or strong interests.

But there’s a difference between bright kids and gifted kids. Let’s talk about how to identify gifted learners.

All Gifted Students Are Not The Same

Something I like to is that if you’ve men one gifted kid, you’ve met … one gifted kid. You may have heard this phrase about other types of neurodiversity or even learning disabilities. Since not all gifted kids exhibit exactly the same traits, how do you determine if your child actually is gifted? It turns out that even though one size does not fit all, there are some common characteristics of a gifted child.

Social Emotional Needs of Gifted Children

We tend to suspect giftedness if our children have high test scores or high grades. But what if your child’s teacher is concerned about his behavior? What if your extremely bright student is actually struggling to stay focused or perform as expected in school. Does that rule out the possibility of giftedness?

Gifted individuals often have a unique experiences interacting with their peers. In fact, some of these struggles are actually a part of the early signs of giftedness.

Gifted Children and IQ Testing

Just as there is a statistical standard for identifying special needs, so also test results can help families of gifted children to determine if their quick learners are gifted. High scores may give you the data you need to support your children in their unique needs.

The Raising Lifelong Learners Podcast Episode #187 – Knowing If Your Child is Gifted

In today’s podcast episode, we’ll talk about the characteristics of gifted children. Even though they are not all the same, there are lots of common traits that can help you to recognize if your high achievers may actually be gifted. We’ll also discuss some of the less known or understood aspects of giftedness that go deeper than just being bright students, good readers, or math champions!

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