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Intellectual Overexcitabilities And Your Gifted Child

This continues our overexcitabilities series for parents of gifted children. Today, we explore intellectual overexcitabilities and gifted children.  


intellectual overexcitabilities


Intellectual Overexcitabilities: What Are They?

When the average person thinks about a “gifted child” intellectual overexcitabilities are usually what comes to mind. 

Intellectual overexcitabilities are characterized by intense and accelerated mental activity. This is not necessarily high academic pursuits, but more an intense quest for understanding and learning.


intellectual overexcitabilities



What Are The Characteristics Of Intellectual Overexcitabilities In Gifted Children?

These are the primary characteristics of intellectual overexcitabilities in gifted children: 

  • High level of curiosity
  • Capacity for sustained intellectual effort
  • Wide variety of interests
  • Typically avid readers
  • Nonfiction and documentary fans
  • Strategic thinkers
  • Ask deep and probing questions
  • Introspective and metacognitive 
  • A deeper level of thinking and questioning. 
  • Intensely focused on topics of interest (not necessarily academic topics) 
  • School is often not challenging enough but they can actually look like a struggling learner due to lack of engagament.
  • Often impatient and critical of others
  • trouble falling asleep (as it is difficult for the brain to quiet)


intellectual overexcitabilities


Helping Your Child With Intellectual Overexcitabilities: Raising Lifelong Learners Episode 143

In today’s episode, we continue our overexcitabilities series for parents of gifted children. Today, the focus is intellectual overexcitabilities and gifted children. Colleen discusses what these overexcitabilities are and how to help your child. 


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