A Parent’s Guide To Friendship For Gifted And Twice Exceptional Children

Friendships are a topic that parents tend to worry about when it comes to their kids. Add in the eccentricities and quirkiness that often accompany giftedness, and it can be worrisome for many families. This is a parents guide to friendship for gifted and twice exceptional children.



​It’s one of the topics that comes up most often when I am speaking.

How can I help my child with friendships? 

We worry. We wonder if and when they will ever find “their person.”

All for good reason. Gifted and twice exceptional children often struggle to form and maintain meaningful friendships. 

Why Friendship Can Be Challenging For Gifted And Twice Exceptional Children

There are essentially four areas that impact our children’s ability to form and maintain friendships.

  1. Intensity
  2. Sensitivity
  3. Perfectionism/Anxiety
  4. A Child’s Own Expectations

We cover these four in detail in today’s episode of The Raising Lifelong Learners podcast. 


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Friendship For Gifted And Twice Exceptional Children


How To Help Your Child Develop And Maintain Friendships

Find other neurodiverse families.

Forming relationships with other families who understand the uniqueness of raising a gifted and twice exceptional child can be invaluable. This is exactly why I created The Learners Lab. It is a place where parents and kids alike can come together and form lasting friendships, while learning about social and emotional skills. 

Don’t worry about age.

Gifted children often form meaningful friendships with children much younger and much older. The most important thing is finding someone they connect with. 

Friends are often found in unusual places.

One of my son’s closest friends for a while was an adult who shared his intense interest in video and photography. It didn’t look the way I thought it would, but their relationship was just as important for his development as any same-age friendship.


It may take more time, and the road may be a little bumpier, but our children eventually find their people. I promise!


Friendship For Gifted And Twice Exceptional Children


The Raising Lifelong Learners Podcast Episode #143: A Parent’s Guide To Friendship For Gifted And Twice Exceptional Children

Join Colleen and Shawna as they discuss the ins and outs of navigating friendships for our gifted and twice exceptional children.


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