Letting Go And Giving Our Older Children The Space They Need

How do we let go of our older children and give them the space they need? Today, we tackle this often asked listener question.

Letting Go


Letting Go As Our Children Mature

As our kids get older, it can be tough for us as parents to learn how to let go, especially when our children have struggled in the past. We know we need to learn to let go and that being their parent requires it, but how do we foster independence in a way that is healthy and safe?


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Giving Our Kids The Space They Need

For those of us who homeschool, navigating this transition also applies in our kiddo’s learning. How do we allow them to take more control of their education, even if it means failing from time to time, in order to give them the space they need to learn and develop?

As homeschool parents, we are accustomed to being responsible for just about everything as it relates to our children. As such, it can be especially difficult for us to let go and give our children the space they need to truly mature.

If you are struggling with this, you are not alone! This podcast episode answers this question and provides valuable tips to help you navigate the transition to more independence for your older children. 



The Raising Lifelong Learners Podcast Episode #163 – How do we let go of our older children and give them the space they need?

Colleen answers another listener question in today’s episode of the podcast – “How do we let go of our older children and give them the space they need?”


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