Should I Test My Gifted Child?

Should I Test My Gifted Child?

To label or not to label… that is an important question to ask as you journey through the world of parenting gifted kids. Children who can be intense, difficult to manage, asynchronous, and amazingly spectacular… often at the same time.

Is testing gifted children important?



Should I Test My Gifted Child?


The issue of testing {and labels} is highly personal – and what’s right for one person may not be right for another. Nobody can make the decision for you because you are the one who knows your child and your circumstances the best.

I have only had one of my children tested formally because they are home with me and I’m meeting them right where they are and helping them to move forward every day. But, I might have chosen a different path if they attended school or needed specific scores to qualify for programming. And my decision could conceivably change as they grow and change.


Testing Gifted Children


And, while all that is well and good… it doesn’t really help you answer that question for yourself, does it? So how do you decide to test your child?

You need to read and gather information so that you are making the decision to test for the right reasons – whatever those are for your family. I’ve written dozens of articles that can help you, and have compiled the most helpful in this post, and broken them down in sections:

Recognize That Gifted Children Are Different

The first thing is to note that gifted children are different than other children. Giftedness is neurological. Gifted kids think differently than others. And, while people who do not have gifted children of their own will tell you that all kids are gifted, they’re not.

And don’t bother jumping into the argument, either. Honestly, it’s just not worth the energy you’ll expend. Only those who live with a child like yours, day in and day out, will get it. And that’s okay. You’re a great parent. Your kid is awesome.

Need more information? Try these:


Should I Test My Gifted Child?


Know the Characteristics of Gifted Children

When you’re thinking about testing gifted children, it helps to know the characteristics you’re looking for. The interesting thing about this is that the stereotype that people often associate with gifted children – the child with all the answers and straight A’s – is not necessarily the norm.

Smart kids can be mistaken for gifted kids, and twice-exceptional children {those with a disability as well as giftedness} are often dismissed or misdiagnosed.

Start here to read more:


Be A Student Of Your Child

It’s hard to come up with an exact description of what a gifted child looks like because they can all be so different from each other. It’s so critical, therefore, that you know your child well.

Some articles to help you get to know your gifted child:


Testing Gifted Children


There are so many great resources to help guide you, that I’ve pulled together a few into posts of their own so that you have them in one place. So, if you still want to read more, check these resources out:


Forget About Everyone Else

Finally, remember that your child is yours. Nobody knows him better than you, so ultimately the decision about testing gifted children – YOUR gifted child – comes down to you.

Don’t worry about what others have to say; just make the best choice you can for your family. Seeking the opinion of others is valuable, but remember that they’re just opinions. There is no right or wrong.

Whatever you choose, love those kids you’re blessed with. Ultimately, they’re what matters – above all labels and opinions. They’re wonderful, special, amazing… and yours.

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