The Imperfect Homeschool

Do you do what I do? Lament about your imperfect homeschool, while comparing yourself to others you know? Their homeschool looks perfect.



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Their kids are getting work done before leaving for co-op, while you’re running around crazily loading up backpacks, throwing cheese cubes and pretzels into plastic baggies and calling it lunch, while barking at the kids to get in the car so you can arrived frazzled just minutes before you’re supposed to teach your first class…

Their kids are completing adorable projects and testing their math skills in the kitchen by inventing new recipes and trying out perfectly designed science projects. Meanwhile, all those science experiment books you bought sit untouched on the shelf next to the Cooking School cookbook that’s never been opened because you’re too busy explaining – yet again – that solving five math problems shouldn’t take six hours…

Their kids get along and help their mom bring the boxes of supplies into the church where classes are held, prop open doors for other moms, and herd their toddler brother into the nursery to play nicely until things start, but yours jump out and run towards their friends, almost before the van has even stopped, and you’re left puffing, struggling, and yelling for your kids across the parking lot, while trying to balance bags and boxes on top of the stroller without them falling over on top of the toddler you’ve strapped in so that he doesn’t run away like his siblings…

No? That’s just me?


The Imperfect Homeschool via


The Imperfect Homeschool

I’ll bet the majority of us feel like everyone is doing everything better than we are. Most moms think they’re the only ones struggling. Most moms think theirs is the only imperfect homeschool.

Moms, everyone has an imperfect home. Everyone’s homeschool is imperfect. We all struggle. We all fail. And we all have successes that make this worth it.

Homeschooling can never be like traditional schooling, nor can it be perfect, because you’re home with your kids. All. Day. Long.

You’re all experiencing the day-to-day together. They’re seeing firsthand what needs to go into running a household. Cooking, cleaning, running errands, changing diapers…all in between lessons.

I’d encourage you to do what I try to do, and look for the beautiful hidden in the mundane. {And, in the interest of full disclosure and encouragement, I want you to know that this is what I strive for…not what I consistently do. I yell. I make mistakes. I call it quits. I fail…often.}


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But there’s beauty to be found if you look for it…

  • in the child reading her first book – YOU got to hear those words.
  • in the preschooler discovering how things relate to her world – it’s a world YOU are an integral part of.
  • in the toddler sitting amidst piles of blocks he just crashed down as he learned cause and effect – it’s YOUR living room that’s filled with his toys, not the daycare’s.
  • in the pile of dishes – they mean that YOU’RE the one cooking for those sweet little blessings, and preparing all of their snacks with them.
  • in the stories that they write about you – because YOU are their world.
  • in the handprint art projects you have hanging up – because YOU were the one who watched the process of those creations.


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The next time you see a mom – in person or online – who seems like she has this homeschool and parenting thing all figured out, ask her about it. Tell her that she impresses you, and you were hoping she could help you figure out how to be better at this homeschooling gig.

I’ll bet that she’ll tell you that she watches YOU and thinks you have it all together. And that she really doesn’t. Her homeschool is just as imperfect as yours…as all of them.

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