Using Time4Learning to Homeschool When Home Changes

As you can imagine, and I’m sure you can relate, I am in a lot of homeschooling groups on social media. A lot. You don’t hold this gig for more than a decade without finding plenty of support, right? From curriculum suggestions to co-op bylaws, there is a group out there with someone who has the exact information you’re looking for. It’s also a place where lots of parents come to share their homeschooling predicaments. 

At least once a week I see posts from parents who are divorcing and wondering how they’ll  be able to continue homeschooling. Dividing custody means dividing time that’s able to be dedicated to homeschooling, not to mention dividing the cost. I have friends who are military families, moving every few years to a new state, a new country, even a new continent, making it incredibly hard to remain consistent, keep up with local homeschooling laws, and even receive their homeschool materials in less than two months. I hear from missionaries who live in far away places, where the local schools are too much of a language barrier and the cost of shipping a box of books is astronomical. There are dozens of occasions for homeschooling to be interrupted by moves, and sadly, the hurdle becomes too much to overcome and homeschooling is given a tearful goodbye. With Time4Learning, however, homeschool can carry on without a single blip on the radar, no matter where you are! 



Time4Learning is an online homeschooling program I’ve written about before. Because my kiddos are so asynchronous with their learning, it’s pretty hard to impress me with all-in-one programs. We usually end up having to piece together our own curriculum from various programs and grade levels, taking what we can use like some sort of curricula buffet. Since Time4Learning allows you to select different grade levels for each subject, though, we’re not left with a Frankenstein syllabus, but a perfectly-tailored and customized program for each child. 

Beyond the customization, though, is the flexibility that comes with the entire program being online. No books to pack. No worksheets to send to a second parent’s house. Nothing lost in the shuffle or lost in the mail. Every subject in one place, online, so you can access it from anywhere your kiddos happen to be. You can’t lose your child’s work, can’t spill anything on it, don’t need to mail it, and you barely have to prepare it! You don’t have to coordinate schedules for classes, tutors, time zones, or a co-parent working overtime. Your kiddo can literally start an assignment in your living room and finish it in a waiting room. 

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Another reason Time4Learning works so well with revolving or evolving homes is the level of support provided. Assignments are graded for you, reports are sent to you, and transcripts are generated without you needing to keep up with credits and courses. No more needing to explain a process or project to someone else who shares time with your kiddo, no language barrier, no gaps or need to catch up. Like having a teacher’s assistant at the ready, Time4Learning is set up to allow your children to homeschool anywhere, anytime, without needing to shop around for tutors, workbooks, or the extra time to implement it all. 

Missionary, military, or other nomadic families are able to meet their teachers wherever they end up, creating a consistent education that not only gives them a sense of normalcy, but one of familiarity. When the places and people and language are new, their schooling remains consistent. When the language is unknown and the local food is untested, their schooling remains consistent. Should homes divide or custody change, their schooling can remain consistent. 

My family has been able to capitalize on the flexibility of T4L by customizing subjects where my kiddos need to be challenged or need some more time, and have been known to get school work done backstage during a rehearsal, in a hotel during a conference, or, yes, at the kitchen table. Their schooling never misses a beat, and I am never at risk of losing anything! T4L is available at all times, whether it be a late-night study session, a quiz on a plane, or a self-directed lesson while parents are at work. Homeschooling is able to remain unaffected by time zones or mileage.

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From preschool to pre-cal, Time4Learning has every grade and course covered, accredited, documented, and planned for your kiddo’s schooling. If you’ve ever felt like homeschooling was too cumbersome for your lifestyle, or if you’ve had to take breaks for months at a time waiting for products to arrive, or if you’ve ever lost a workbook like me, then Time4Learning is the perfect solution for your homeschool conundrums. Wherever you go, whenever they need it, Time4Learning is right there, ready to keep your child learning in the midst of whatever moving parts of life they’re experiencing. 

If you could use some support, stability, or even just a little bit of a break when it comes to homeschooling your kiddos, check out Time4Learning.com and see what all they have to offer you. After all, the program is as helpful to parents as it is to students!