Homeschool Curriculum Choices for Preschool

Isaac will be turning three during this coming school year, and while he won’t officially be a preschooler, he’ll be doing both tot school and preschool activities. The girls love circle time so we’ll be including him in that using my friend Kendra’s book, Circle Time: Plan the Best Time of Your Homeschool Day, even Trevor will join Isaac for prayer, a short game or brainteaser, and some calendar work during this time. We’ll end with a read aloud before Trevor goes on to his independent work.

Homeschool Curriculum Choices for 7th grade - 2nd and 3rd Grade - Kindergarten -Preschool


I have lots of games that teach basic number sense, letter sounds, patterning and more. I also have many workbooks, coloring books, and videos that all teach various preschool skills. Isaac will be alternating between the different activities with lots of play time and one-on-one time with each of his siblings.

Some of my favorite preschool games and toys include:

and various tot trays, along with lots and lots of sensory play.

Homeschool Curriculum Choices for 7th grade - 2nd and 3rd Grade - Kindergarten -Preschool


I think the most important thing for little ones is to encourage exploration and discovery. We’ll set up a science table for this little guy, fill it with science essentials, and encourage him to explore. We go with the seasons, digging deeper into topics each time we study them, so the big kids will benefit from playing with their little brother as much as he’ll benefit from listening to them learn. So far, we’ve learned about dinosaurs, bats,mealworms, and have explored lots of STEM.

Preschool should be fun, and kids shouldn’t know that there is any difference between play and learning. Streaming video and listening along to big siblings’ work is a great curriculum, too – just make sure you allow lots of time to play. Play IS a preschooler’s education – find way to encourage it every day.


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