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Great Books to Read With Your Kids in November

November is an exciting time of year. We have bountiful harvests, Thanksgiving, and many more fun days to celebrate.

To take advantage of the excitement, I created a list of great books to read with your kids in November.

Did you know that there’s a day just to celebrate King Tut? And, World Kindness Day lands on November 13th. My list of Books to Inspire Kindness and Thankfulness is perfect for the occasion.

For more books to devour during the month of November, let’s take a look the list.

Great Books to Read With Your Kids in November | Raising Lifelong Learners

Great Books to Read With Your Kids in November

What’s So Great About King Tut: King Tut Day lands on November 4th. What better time to utilize the month of November to learn about a great subject, mummies!

‘Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving: This hilarious book is centered around children who help a flock of turkeys escape before they become the focus of Thanksgiving dinner.

Sharing the Bread: An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving Story: Take a step back in time to the twentieth century where the whole family joins in to help prepare Thanksgiving dinner. A heartfelt book, where every member of the family has a job to do. The end result not only feeds the family, it creates a tradition.

The Very First Americans: Learn about Native American tribes from the Sioux, Seminole, and Hopi. You will find a bunch of information on what they ate, what they wore, and how they had fun.

How Many Days to America?: This book is about people who are forced from their homes and have to find refuge elsewhere. Their journey begins on a boat and ends in America. I really enjoy the perspective of this book. It helps kids realize the importance of being thankful.



Strega Nona’s Harvest: Strega Nona has some harvesting to do. Follow along with this story while enjoying the incredibly vibrant illustrations.

Every Autumn Comes the Bear: A bear is on his way to start hibernating for the winter. Along the way, he roams through a family’s backyard.

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Turkey!: Just in time for the holiday… the old lady gives us some more laughs with a Thanksgiving spin.

Thankful!: This book is full of rhyming phrases that show appreciation for all of the wonderful things around us. Follow along with a brother and sister as they share all the reasons that everyone should be thankful.

Balloons Over Broadway: Meet the puppeteer behind the magic of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! A great story to read in anticipation of the parade.





Run Turkey! Run: Looking for an adventure? Take one with a turkey who is trying to hard from the farmer to avoid becoming Thanksgiving dinner. Will his plan work?

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving: I adore this Peanuts classic story. Keep it alive by reading it aloud to your kiddos.

Squanto’s Journey: When the Mayflower landed, it was Squanto who taught the pilgrims how to survive. This book covers the very first Thanksgiving and how the Pokanoket tribe showed the pilgrims how to grow and harvest food.

In November: This book highlights all the joys of the month. From the crisp autumn air, Thanksgiving, to the animals who are preparing to hibernate.

Thanksgiving is Here!: The excitement of the big day includes making lots of yummy food with family and friends!



November is full of opportunities to read about a variety of subjects. From King Tut all the way to the first Thanksgiving. There’s also some modern-day fun with some books that are focused on how we celebrate Thanksgiving nowadays. Including one of my favorite celebrations, the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Start a new tradition with your family by reading aloud some great books to read with your kids in November.


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