Great Books to Read With Your Kids in July

We are in the middle of summer, folks! Let’s work together to keep our kids’ bodies moving and their minds busy with this list of great books to read with your kids in July.

Great Books to Read With Your Kids in July


I’ve included a mix of travel themed books, history books, silly books, and some books that will take you on an adventure! Before we dive into our new list of books, don’t forget to pick up a copy of my latest —  100 Backyard Activities That Are the Dirtiest, Coolest, Creepy-Crawliest Ever! where kids can turn their very own backyard into a discovery museum!


Great Books to Read With Your Kids in July

Ice Cream The Full Scoop: July 1st is Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day… let’s celebrate with a scoop or two of ice cream and this sweet kids book where you can learn all there is to know about this perfect summer treat!

The Fourth of July Story: July also brings us America’s birthday, the 4th of July. Read this book with your kids so they can understand the true meaning and celebration that takes place on this hot summer day. Don’t forget the poppers to help celebrate!

We Are America: This kid’s book pays tribute to what the true heart of what America stands for. A great addition to your 4th of July festivities!

Independence Cake: If you’re looking for a story that takes you back in time, this one is it! Follow the cooking adventures of Amelia who ends up baking cakes for George Washington. This sweet fictional story will give kids a glimpse of what life was like was like when America came to be.

Ultimate Sticker Puzzles License Plates Across the State: This would be a great book to take with you when you head out onto the road. Even if you don’t travel far, there are still plenty of visitors in your area that could help you spot several license plates within your own town. This activity also opens the door to discussing facts and locations about other states. You can use this book, Don’t Know Much About 50 States, for kids to explore on the subject.

Journey: This great book to read with your kids in July is surrounded by the imagination of a little girl and a red marker. Read along and discover the adventurous journey she makes for herself. A perfect story to spark some ideas for those quiet times that come up during summer.




Chalk: After finding chalk on a rainy day, 3 kids discover that it is no ordinary chalk, its magic chalk! Another great book that explores the limits of children’s imaginations.

A Boy, a Dog, and a Frog: Just as summer has a way of helping kids find frogs, this book is a great story to read during summer as a way to reflect on this fun and adventerous time of year.

Have You Filled a Bucket Today?: This is one of my all time favorite kid’s book because it teaches kids to be compassionate. Since Cheer Up The Lonely Day lands on July 11th, what better book to read with your kids?

Baking With Kids: Kids love to bake! Fill some of your summer time in the kitchen teaching your kids how to bake. There are several occassions to bake for along the way, or you could just make something for no reason at all. (Psssst…. July 12th is National Pecan Pie Day!)

Candy Making Lab Kit: Ok, so technically this isn’t a book… However, it will not only help teach your kids about the chemistry behind candy making, it is a great way to celebrate National Lollipop Day on July 20th! Kids can make their very own sticky treats while keeping busy.

Child’s Introduction to the Night Sky: Another amazing day that lands in July is Moon Day, on the 20th of the month. This book will introduce kids to not only the moon, but there is also discussion about the discoveries that were found about space, as well as myths that surround space.



There is a lot going on in the month of July! Let’s fill it with ice cream, birthdays, discovery, baking, kindness, and pies with this list of Great Books to Read With Your Kids in July!


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