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The past week has been a challenging one for many. As we have discussed here on the site, and in Raising Poppies, gifted children feel more. These children have big emotions and they are in-tune with the world around them.

Many poppies are empaths; they can feel the emotions of those around them, as if through osmosis. No amount of parental shielding can prevent this phenomenon, as those of us who grew up as highly sensitive empaths are already aware.


The #KindPoppyProject


There are strategies that can help children feel more at ease when the world feels off-kilter. These strategies include:

In times of turmoil, our poppies — our gifted and twice-exceptional kiddos — are left feeling helpless. It is important for us, as parents, to show our children that we can make an impact on our little patch of this earth. Kind acts have lasting ripples and help children regain a sense of control.

In light of all of the turbulence over the past week, we have created the #KindPoppyProject. Our goal is to help our poppies make a positive impact during a time of turmoil. Click below, print the cards, and leave little acts of kindness and love in your wake… 

 (Your cards will get sent right to your email, and you’ll be redirected here to the post to finish reading. Don’t worry — if you put your email address in, the cards will be waiting for you in your inbox!)


It’s simple really… Join forces with other sensitive parents and their empathetic kids and let the world know you’re there through little acts of kindess and love.

If you are the parent of a gifted or twice-exceptional child and you are not already a member of Raising Poppies, now is the time to join. We are going to be posting daily threads related to the #KindPoppyProject. Threads of encouragement. Sharing threads. Threads in which you can show kindness in small ways to each other. 

We fully recognize that it can be difficult to share random acts of kindness. We want our children to learn that kindness is a natural extension of who they are. We don’t want our children to perform random acts of kindness in order to get attention, the point of kindness is to help another. So, only share to the extent that you feel comfortable. The purpose is to help our children through this time in the manner that works for your family.


The #KindPoppyProject


If you want to share things you’re doing on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, you can use the hashtag #KindPoppyProject and we’ll find it and share it too. You can share pictures, notes about what you’ve done, or how an act of kindness has touched you. On the group sharing threads, share a photo if you’re comfortable, otherwise tell us some of the things you are doing to share love and kindness out in the world.

When you are out in the community, find someone who needs a smile and give them a smile. Staple one of these cards onto a dollar bill and leave it for someone to discover in Target’s dollar section. Call Gram. Bake cookies for a neighbor.

You get the idea.

We hope you will join the #KindPoppyProject and help us to spread love, one kind act at a time.

Have a wonderful week,

Colleen & Cait

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The #KindPoppyProject