Great Books to Read with Your Kids in October

Fall is finally here, and after a very hot summer, we are ready! In anticipation of the upcoming harvest and halloween celebrations, I have compiled these great books to read with your kids in October.

Fall is finally here & we're ready! In anticipation of the upcoming harvest and halloween celebrations, we're gathering these great books to curl up with...  #Fall #October #greatbooks #readinglist #booklists


From the full moon to pumpkins, and that old lady that seems to swallow everything in sight, these books will bring some fun, wonder, and even some good eats to your reading routine.

Great Books to Read with Your Kids in October

Too Many Pumpkins: After a pumpkin tumbles and breaks in Rebecca’s yard, she decides to clean up the sticky, stringy mess by burying it. By next fall all of the pumpkin seeds have sprouted and grown into a huge patch of pumpkins. Now what will she do with all of those pumpkins?

Apples & Pumpkins: Take a trip to a farm where the apples are ready to be picked from the trees and the pumpkins are looking for a home. The hunt is on for the best pumpkin because it will soon be carved into a jack o’lantern and placed on the front porch for Halloween night. The shiny red apples that were picked will be handed out as a treat to all of the trick-or-treaters.

Possum’s Harvest Moon: When Possum spots the harvest moon, he decides to throw one last party before winter arrives. When he starts inviting his friends to the party, they are all busy getting ready for the long winter ahead. Maybe there won’t be a party after all….

We Gather Together: Fall equinox brings shorter days and longer nights. It also brings us harvest time! This book talks about the science behind the equinox as well as the variety of cultures who celebrate the fall equinox by harvesting and storing their crops.

Hello Harvest Moon: As the moon rises, it gives a sign for some to come out and play. During harvest time, the moon is extra bright, which is even more reason to discover nature after the sun sets. A great book that is centered around nature at night.

Pumpkin Circle: This story is about how a garden grows. From the pumpkins, to the corn, there are some incredible pictures of gardens included in this book. The angle of the pictures is what becomes breathtaking!



Diary of a Fly: Follow the story of a fly…. who wants to be a superhero! This story is sure to bring some laughs to your family’s faces. Especially during this time of year when flies seem to be everywhere.

Fall Mixed Up: In this great book to read to your kids in October, you will find a bunch of mix-ups! Where the squirrels fly south and bears gather nuts. It is full of mixed up messages about fall. Can your kids figure out how this all really works?

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves!: She’s back! And better than every… the old lady who swallowed some leaves, and even more interesting things! If you’re already familiar with these books, try to have your kid guess what the old lady will be eating this time around.

Pumpkin Jack: Tim carves his first ever pumpkin for Halloween and names him Jack. As Jack begins to disintegrate, Tim watches Jack as he begins to disintegrate after Halloween is over. The surprise at the end of the book will give every child a reason to plant their very own pumpkins for next year’s harvest.

How to Make an Apple Pie: It’s time to make an apple pie, but when the market is closed, we’ll have no choice but to take a trip around the world to gather all of the ingredients. This book is perfect for World Food Day on October 16th!

The Kids’ Multicultural Cookbook: Speaking of World Food Day, this would be a fantastic time to introduce some new meals and food from different cultures. Have your kids pick out a recipe of two from this cookbook, make a shopping list, and cook the meal together as a family. If you’ve grown a garden this year, you might luck out and be able to use some of your harvest too!

Pumpkin Soup: Cat, Squirrel, and Duck make pumpkin soup together in their cabin in the woods. But when one friend gets upset, the soup is not going to turn out right. Will the three friends be able to make-up? This is a wonderful book based on friendship, and one yummy pot of pumpkin soup.



As the weather starts to turn, it’s time to hunker down, grab your favorite blanket, and a pile of fantastic books to read. On top of all of the changing and beautiful colors, these books will make October one incredibly fantastic month.

Are there any special occasions you like to celebrate through reading books? Share your favorite books to read with your kids in October in the comments!

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